Stormtrooper with wellies and umbrella tattoo

Amy didn't want just any stormtrooper bicep tattoo: "I am a HUGE geek. I collect comics. I can quote Firefly. I am my friends’ and family’s personal tech support. I live my life by lessons I learned in Star Wars. In fact, I recently decided to get an epic Stormtrooper tattoo. Although I have several fantastic pieces already, I really wanted to show my geek side off to the world."

Stormtrooper in the Rain Tattoo [Pic] (via Neatorama)


  1. She’s trying for “epic” but I think she ended up with “kitschy”. 

    A stormtrooper might’ve been semi-cool  post-prequels, but now? It’s a painful reminder of squandered promise. This is the same universe that now includes Jar-Jar Binks and midichlorians, fer crissakes…  

  2. I don’t get how putting an umbrella and boots on a stormtrooper increases the geekery of the image. In my opinion, it moves it closer to dorkery.

    Also, the guy (?) is certainly too short for a stormtrooper.

    1. Luke: The jokes about my height start every time I put on a Stormtrooper costume to rescue someone.  And the Wellies?  Sure, they look funny, but you never know when you’ll be standing in knee deep garbage trying to escape one of the Empire’s trash compactors.  I’m the last Jedi, but still I get no respect.

    2. I was confused by that too – maybe the fact that he’s a “Storm” trooper and thus, needs extra protection from the rain?

      Then again, with modern Lucas, it could be digitally re-tinkered content having to do with the Intergalactic Umbrella Trade Federation.

    1. In all fairness the same could be said about any tattoo; and when you’re old and wrinkly I can imagine the perfect ratios of your tattoos will be pretty low on the old priorities list.

      I’d be far more concerned about losing/gaining weight with a tattoo like that.  For the love of god, whatever you do lady, don’t workout.

    2. I am so sick of this hater response to anything tattoo related. I have tattoos that are more than 20 years old and they have definitely stood the test of time. Is there some change over time, yes, of course, but in general the modern era of tattooing has ushered in new inks and techniques that make the old blobby disasters of WW2 military tattoos a thing of the past.

      1. I don’t think that’s the criticism – whether or not the physical artwork itself holds up well over time, the problem is that with something like this you’re not necessarily going to still think it looks cool (and not embarrassing) in 20 years.

  3. He seems to be standing in front of a rift in space and time, for some reason?

  4. Is the red boots and umbrella a reference to something else – or just something odd to set it apart from a ‘straight’ tattoo. I like it, even if I don’t understand it.

  5. A storm trooper in wellies that suffers from dwarfism… Nice try, but still does not top Mr. Cool Ice.

  6. So, stormtrooper armour can’t stop blaster bolts or rainwater?  The Empire needs to motivate its R&D department to build better gear.

  7. “I really wanted to show my geek side off to the world.” Everyday for the rest of my life.
    I know these threads always get the “you haters” comments but those of us more advanced in years (you kids get off my lawn) notice how many of our previously hip friends are bashfully covering up or shelling out many $ for removals. Passing 40 is a bitch in so many ways, believe me.

    1. i’m over 40 as are most of my friends, most have tattoos. none of us regret or try and hide them. none of them have degraded in quality. we are all fully employed professionals in good jobs. it’s time these fallacies are removed from general discourse. we are not our parents, we don’t need to parrot their fear of non-conformity any more people.

  8. I never understood why people like stormtroopers and Darth Vader and so on so much. They were modeled after the worst aspects of British imperialism and the Nazis, for fuck’s sake, and the empire committed atrocities in the films Hitler could only dream of (Alderaan – why does os x’s spell check know how to spell that, lol – and it doesn’t like “lol” but does like “LOL”). Not to mention symbolizing conformity to the extreme (clones).

    They may be comically inept (unlike Nazi stormtroopers) but still I wouldn’t want to associate myself with them like this.

    The imagery associated with the rebels isn’t as cool, I guess, but it strikes me essentially the same as people who wear elements from Nazi uniforms (designed by Hugo Boss, remember) or use their imagery and claim it’s just because it looks cool – which is true!

    I don’t take this as seriously as it sounds like I do, I just always preferred the rebels, ever since I was a kid :) I liked X-Wing better than Tie Fighter even though the latter was a better game.

    1.  re: “I never understood why people like stormtroopers and Darth Vader and so on so much.”

      1) They look badass.

      2) It’s some times fun to pretend to be/cheer for the bad guys. Especially such cool looking bad guys.

      If I could cosplay Star Wars it would be a ‘Trooper or Fett, not some wishy washy rebel nerf herder.

      1.  They look like they’re wearing a plastic Halloween costume from Wal-Mart. That’s badass?

        1.  OH no, you didn’t. Stormtrooper armor is cool looking, and one of the few sci-fi designs from the 70s that doesn’t look completely dated.  Most of the SW costumes have become ‘timeless’ – which is saying something comparing it to the schlock of the times.

      2. Yeah but part of my point is that the Nazis looked badass too, and you wouldn’t cosplay as a Nazi. I know this is silly – it’s a fantasy film – don’t worry :)

        I think the outfits the rebels wore are actually pretty cool – the orange flight suits, soldier uniforms on Hoth and Endor, and intergalactic badass Han Solo’s vest all being great examples. Jedi robes and Luke’s Tatooine karate outfit are kind of lame (they don’t really pull them off like the samurai did) but Luke looks pretty badass in his black outfit at the start of Jedi. Although admittedly cosplaying as Luke at the start of Jedi would be super lame :) Rebel stuff is a lot less stark, technical, and overtly designed, of course, so it’s less viscerally attractive.

        If I were to cosplay as something from Star Wars it’d be something rebel (or neutral), but I’d have to think about it quite a bit to decide.

        1.  re: “Yeah but part of my point is that the Nazis looked badass too, and you wouldn’t cosplay as a Nazi.”

          Well.. there are WWII re-enactors. And I’ve seen some Nazi-esque stuff from Japan before (Asia doesn’t have the Hitler hate as much as the West). But point taken. The big difference is the Nazis were real, and Star Wars is fantasy. Germans really killed people, but other than our childhood with the prequels, Star Wars has killed no one.

          You are right, they had some decent rebel designs. Not as cool and slick, IMHO, but not bad. If I had to be a rebel I’d probably pick and X-Wing pilot (Wraith Squadron).

          I hate, HATE nearly all of the Jedi costumes from the prequels. It made sense that Luke and Obi Wan were dressed like that for living in the desert. Made no sense (or fashion sense) to have all the Jedi in the same-ish flowing robes. No style. Plus, if you are a fugitive Jedi, the last thing you want to do is LOOK like a Jedi. If I were Obi-Wan I’d want to wear some hot pants and one of those hats like the French Foreign Legion wears in order to throw people off. I thought Lukes RotJ outfit was very fitting for a Jedi – more so than the robes.

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