The hilarity of CNN + Fox's bungled Health Care Act reporting, in a single 'shoop

Gary He of Inside Images today tweeted his photoshopped interpretation of an epic CNN gaffe. His 'shoop visually references the historic 1948 photo of just-elected President Harry Truman displaying before a crowd a newspaper that incorrectly reported his defeat.

The image went viral after inclusion in this New York Daily News article on how CNN and Fox totally blew it, by incorrectly reporting that the health care mandate championed by Obama was voted unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, when the opposite was in fact the case. More on Poynter. (thanks, Miles O'Brien!)


    1. Amidst my tears and anger, it’s nice to see so clearly in such rare moments that the empire has no clothes. To see, in this case, that getting “news” out first is more important than getting it right.

  1. I was watching the live blog from scotusblog and to be fair they botched it.  Reporters were more than likely updating websites as scotusblog was blogging:

    Amy Howe: The court reinforces that individuals can simply refuse to pay the tax and not comply with the mandate.Later:
    Tom: Apologies – you can’t refuse to pay the tax; typo. The only effect of not complying with the mandate is that you pay the tax.

    -If you refuse to pay the tax as it was read the mandate would have been null.  Drudge did the same thing but changed it on the fly as soon as the typo was corrected.  Reporters needed to step back for a moment and wait for the actual opinion and read through it.  Poor showing all around, but honest mistake IMO.

    1. Hmm. Amy Goodman said on Democracy Now! that they got it right because they’d been following scotusblog.

  2. These Americans are moving to Canada because they’re appalled their country now has universal health care:

    This photo of Pelosi and Boehner reacting to the decision is gold:

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