Bees need a certain amount of nearby green space in order to find enough pollen to survive. Without that, bees can starve. They can also end up subsisting on a diet of syrup that's about as healthy for them as a diet of burgers and fries would be for you and I. London has had die-offs of bees in the past, when beekeeping got more popular than the city's limited green space could support. Some people are now worried that New York City could be headed toward that problem. (Via Hannah Nordhaus)

9 Responses to “When urban beekeeping gets too dense”

  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Honeybees are a disease… We are the cure: 

  2. schadenfreudisch says:

    i’ve got 64 sq.ft. of bee friendly plants in my roof garden.   i would say it supports about a dozen of the little guys at a time.   if everyone does their part….

  3. dilinger says:

    Oh, that’s easy – not enough green space to support honey bees?  Create some more!  You’ll benefit native pollinators at the same time.

  4. LinkMan says:

    I just bought some hyperlocal honey from Andrew yesterday.  He keeps one of his hives less than a block from my apartment. 

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