Ask Scott Horton Anything: Should We Get Rid Of The DEA?


12 Responses to “Ask Scott Horton Anything: Should We Get Rid Of The DEA?”

  1. jonnygoldstein says:


  2. Sam Brubaker says:

    Oh, sure- abolish the DEA, but who are you going come crawling back to when you need your door kicked in and your dog shot? Think of the repercussions, people.

  3. Hakuin says:

    war crime trials for the DEA Cartel, start collecting the evidence.

  4. Why is this even a question anymore? Yes…Yes.. a thousand times YES!

  5. Get rid of the DEA. The police and FBI should be able to handle enforcement. And get rid of most of the drug laws while you’re at it.

    • Centzon says:

      I agree. First off, let go of dugs that are not “processed”:
      hashish– still on the list; weed off
      cocaine– still on the list; cocoa leaves off
      heroin– still on the list; opium off
      mushrooms, lick-able toads off
      -and so on.

      And while we are at it, increase the tax/duty on distilled alcohol and tobaccos with additives and mildly relax duty on the “unprocessed” versions of same.

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