Ask Scott Horton Anything: Should We Get Rid Of The DEA?

Scott Horton of Harper's explains why the Drug Enforcement Agency does a lot of damage to society. (Via Andrew Sullivan)


      1. Not when most politicians will sit and talk rings around the answer without actually saying anything.

        It /IS/ Unusual to have someone give a clear answer then explain how they arrived at it.

  1. Oh, sure- abolish the DEA, but who are you going come crawling back to when you need your door kicked in and your dog shot? Think of the repercussions, people.

    1. I agree. First off, let go of dugs that are not “processed”:
      hashish– still on the list; weed off
      cocaine– still on the list; cocoa leaves off
      heroin– still on the list; opium off
      mushrooms, lick-able toads off
      -and so on.

      And while we are at it, increase the tax/duty on distilled alcohol and tobaccos with additives and mildly relax duty on the “unprocessed” versions of same.

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