Mitch O'Connell's funny Hanna Barbera paintings

Yesterday I wrote about artist Mitch O'Connell's funny pencil sketches that Hanna Barbera commissioned him to create. Today, Mitch posted the paintings that Hanna Barbera commissioned. See them all here.


  1. Anyone else notice the word ‘clean’ in the filenames of these pictures? Does that mean there’s there a ‘dirty’ copy somewhere?

  2. I think they’re great but I am curious, what could the plans for merchandising these have possibly been? These would be great as limited-edition art prints but they’re not really suited to anything else (at least nothing that seems like it would sell very well), including t-shirts. I guess my question answers itself since Hanna Barbera must have realized the same thing ;)

  3. The funniest Hanna Barbera mashups are the stories on the series “Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law,” featuring Gary Cole and Stephen Colbert.  There was the episode where BooBoo is arrested as the Unabomber, but the best is still “Yabba Dabba Don” which was a maschup of the Flinststones and The Sopranos.

  4. “Clean” in the file name just means that after I scanned the art, I “cleaned” up the image (titled so I would know that I already fixed up the art just by looking at the title). It usually meant photoshopping out a stray cat hair (or 12). THX!

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