Vampires! Fresh blood in powdered form!

Make of it what you will.

Stay Young the Vampire Way

Update: Thanks to Benjamin Wilson for locating what appears to be the original source for this, a $13.13 8x10 print from Etsy seller HorrorHostMagazine.


  1. “Fresh squeezed”? “Consentrated”? You’d think being immortal, vampires can devote a few years to studying grammar.

    1. Mr. Kang, methinks they meant “Flesh Squeezed” and “Consecrated”!

      And what’s this BB trend with the first comment almost always being a snarky downer?

  2. DON’T FALL FOR IT!  IT’S A TRAP!   If you look closely, you’ll find that the return address for enquiries is c/o  B.  Summers,  Sunnydale, CA.

  3. Fresh-squeezed and from a can? I don’t think so. Look, if you can’t get it from a live human, at LEAST get it from a glass container. That metallic taste from a can is disgusting. *shudder*

    1. But every paranormal romance novel that I’ve read says that you get a metallic taste when there’s blood in your mouth.

      1.  Blood has an iron metallic taste. Tyger must not like an aluminum or tin metallic taste. I’m guessing.

        1. Blood has an iron metallic taste.

          You clearly don’t read bodice rippers.

          1.  It’s true. I don’t. Tyger said copper, so evidently I can’t tell one metallic tinge from another. I figured iron from the hemoglobin.

  4. We had those glasses when I was a child.  Anchor Hocking Laurel pattern.

  5. The blood in that glass looks like its chilled.  I think most vamps would say ewwww…. 

    But… “vein-fresh”!   yummy.  

  6. Obviously, most of the copy used in this “ad” is set in Arial, which didn’t exist until 1982, long after this aesthetic had gone out of fashion.

    Yet another example of vampire revisionist history.

  7. Whew. The world as I know it is okay.

    First, I went to the comments thread on the LJ site, which is entirely people trying to figure out if this is a real ad or a spoof, and if spoof, what are they spoofing?

    It’s not the first time I’ve stumbled into the wrong universe. Glad to be back, you knuckleheads.

  8. “Make of it what you will”, yes I’ll make a milk shake. . . err. . . BLOOD shake.  Now, which goes better with B negative, chocolate or vanilla?

    1. Salt and chocolate are a well-established combination. Salt and vanilla not so much.

  9. People may think that this is only for vampires, but should you find your humors a bit on the cool and damp side a tall glass of the stuff will put the lead back in your pencil.

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