EFF weighs in on Charles Carreon's latest dumb stunt


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  1. DevinC says:

    “…and send it (along with a cartoon depicting the mother of FunnyJunk’s owner trying to seduce a bear) to Carreon to pass on to his client. ”
    …What?  Wasn’t Inman going to send it to the National Wildlife Federation and  the American Cancer Society?

  2. Christopher says:

    I’ve said this previously, but I think it bears (no pun intended) repeating: this whole debacle is starting to remind me of the Andy Kaufman-Jerry Lawler “fight”.

    Although maybe I shouldn’t say that, because Carreon is the one who’s starting to look like the metaphorical Kaufman, and that would probably be  giving him way too much credit.

    • bjohndook says:

      “Carreon claims he needs to take control and put the money in a charitable trust for the charities.”Like… seriously? Anybody that can be in his position and say they would do that “for the charities” is either a comedian or a psychopath.

    • Jenz Seeger says:

      “Querulous paranoia”
      Wee! Every day some new words!

    • Thom says:

       Good point…I can’t possibly fathom what else he might think he’s going to accomplish here. He client gets no money therefore NO ONE gets money? He will somehow take all $220k+ for himself? Admiration for fighting bad bad Mr. Inman?

  3. jonathan_v says:

    The craziest / most disturbing bit from Carreon’s filing — despite filing this ‘pro se’, he asked the judge to award him legal fees in the form of a normal lawyer rate , since he is doing this ‘for the public’.

  4. Rindan says:

    I highly encourage anyone with any interest to read the EFFs actual filing.  It is on their website.  It is fucking awesome and completely readable for a non-lawyer.  The EFF curb stomping censorious assholes like Carreon is exactly why they get a big fat check from me each year. 

    • morgewan says:

      The link to the filing is: https://www.eff.org/node/71120
      The main page for this case is: https://www.eff.org/cases/carreon-v-inman

      As Rindan said, very easy to read and well done.

    • morgewan says:

      ^– Where is the @#$%#$! delete option

  5. cub says:


    –oh wait. i just saw the cartoon in question.  fuck everybody.

  6. The_Laughing_Crow says:

    I love the “CHRIST WHAT AN ASSHOLE” tag on this article.

  7. angusm says:

    Is there some kind of Jack Thompson Award for the Most Egregiously Idiotic Behavior by an Allegedly Qualified Lawyer? Because if there is, the other nominees for 2012 may as well just go home now. Carreon has this one sewn up.

  8. David Michael McClain says:

    You empower what  you fight. There’s no such thing as bad PR. PUBLICITY STUNT. I’d never heard of funnyjunk before this, now it’s on my radar every two days. 
    Very effective.

  9. timquinn says:

    Someone up above has got it. This guy is a performance artist, an eccentric and perhaps actually crazy, but given his interests and history this can’t possibly be a straight faced effort. I am beginning to actually feel sorry for the clown. He may not realize the trouble he is getting himself into. Hardly a danger to anyone but himself and his equally strange wife. They both act like crazy rich people with any connection to reality long ago forgotten. Look her up. There is a picture of her with a sign that says “War is Peace” protesting outside the memorial service for the victims of the shooting of Gabriel Giffords.


    Remind you of anyone?

    • That’s fantastic, I wonder if she pulled it directly from 1984.

    • Tim says:

      I don’t think that is actually a pic of Psycho Tara Carreon… Here… This is Psycho Tara doing a huge FAIL at trying to be a retarded poet… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQu_0GIZORY

      And if you want a very scary look into the psycho rantings of two morons who fried their brains with LSD go check out the Carreon’s website http://www.american-buddha.com/

      Charles… aka Douchebag is seriously retarded and Tara (his psycho wife) is batshit crazy and both should be locked up in a mental hospital… They are really really really stupid and both are a public nuisance.

  10. SedanChair says:

    Yet another special person discovers that the Internet can provide an unlimited supply of attention. At what point do we decide to stop caring?

  11. ImmutableMichael says:

    This story is hilarious and all, but the longer it goes on the more my joy is being matched by discomfort. What started as breathtakingly dumb and arrogant behavior is looking more and more unhinged and I’m not sure I should be laughing anymore.

    It’s partly the crushing inevitability of a slow-motion car crash, but i also can’t help wondering if we’re laughing at a mental illness being revealed before our eyes.

    Or he’s just a dick. Who knows?

    • elix says:

      At this point, it’s like watching a man continue to dig while the water rushes in from above.

      I said it a week and a half ago; the Carreons need supervised medical assistance. It’s like watching Charlie Sheen all over again, only to the best of my knowledge absolutely nobody (including myself) has accused the Carreons of drug use.

      • Tim says:

        They reference their use of LSD on their psycho-stupid website… Talk about two poster children for not using LSD… 

        To me, it’s not so much like he keeps digging… more like he keeps mapping his penis into a hornets nest and keeps thrusting.

  12. Gilbert Wham says:

     It’s possible to be both, I could introduce you…

  13. Won Word says:

    Seems our boy Chuck has been in trouble before.

    From the California Bar Assn:
    9/21/2006 | Discipline w/actual suspension | 05-J-04474 | Not Eligible To Practice Law 

    Oregon bar association:
    10/24/2005 | Suspended – Disciplinary | 60-day suspension 

    Will someone please spank his barratry with a disbarment so he can embark on his new career as a Sanitation Engineer?

    • Gyrofrog says:

       And then there is Penguin Group (USA) Inc. v. American Buddha (case 1:09-cv-00528-JGK).  I hadn’t seen mention of this one, though perhaps I missed it.

  14. gypsyspacemuffin says:

    Perplexing, irritating and ultimately amusing as this man’s increasingly manic persistance has proven to be. I find it even more hilarious that after this all goes down…in court, on the interwebs, or a tasteful combination of both…Carreon has still given ten dollars out of his own pocket for Innman to cheerfully send along to charity. And that the lawyer has deluded himself into thinking it’s part of a brilliant tactic to finally bring down that wily cartoonist….
    Seriously. Just picture him taking a break from desperately leafing through law books, making phone calls and deleting hate mail. In order to physically fish out his wallet, go to theoatmeal.com and click “donate” with a deranged grin, all the while muttering, “I’ve trapped you now, you bastard! Betcha never saw THIS coming!”

    (Several other happy mutants have mentioned their own pangs of guilt, feeling as though they are watching someone on the verge of a genuine mental breakdown. I’m beginning to understand this sentiment.)

  15. teapot says:

    Thanks for your $10 you fucking scumbag. You’re such an immense fucktard that you give lawyers a bad name!

    Do us a favour and off yourself.

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