Golden Retriever's modular synth immersions, and Stumptown Coffee


3 Responses to “Golden Retriever's modular synth immersions, and Stumptown Coffee”

  1. Franklin says:

    the music and video, like stumptown coffee, I find pretentious and overrated. The last bag of their coffee I got ($14 for a half pound!) had a bitter, metallic flavor. Not the “notes of honey, toffee and roast pigeon” they advertised

    • leif Sundstrom says:

      maybe you brewed it improperly.  coffee is only as good as the last hand that touched it. music, only as good as the ears that hear it.

  2. lumatwist says:

    I have to agree on the coffee. It is underwhelming, even after adjusting for the “brightness” of the brew due to lighter roasting. I’ve tried several “diametrically opposed” roasts as well. It may just be a Portland thing, but the espressos I’ve had here teeter on sour (or overly bright if you wanna maintain that euphemism :) . The video: meh, whateves. To each his own.  

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