Last push to kill ACTA: act now or the Internet gets it


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  1. Alan Skinner says:

    I have spent quite a bit of time over the past year reading and thinking about copyright, creativity and what the term public domain really means. I’m not at the end of the research or thinking but I’ve come far enough to realise that individual creators are at risk from the corporate stranglehold on copyright laws and that the public is is at risk from corporate copyright extortion. Whatever we can do to stop ACTA should be done.

  2. Paul232 says:

    In all your many editorials and links criticizing ACTA,  I’ve yet to see a single concrete suggestion of a better, more balanced way to protect copyright when such protection is deserved. Could make some of us who are less wrapped up in this see you all as simple contrarians, or anti-authoritarians…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • atimoshenko says:

      The current system is better than ACTA. In fact, I have yet to see any serious and not trumped up studies demonstrating that the current system of copyright is grossly unfair to rights holders. Indeed, no one is forcing IP creators to create. If they do not think that they are getting their effort’s worth in compensation, they are free to go on a Galt-ian strike and do something else.

      The levels of piracy and the economic harm from piracy are far from correlated – few people are pirating what they would otherwise have bought, and many people are buying things they have originally discovered through pirating.

      • bjohndook says:

        Basically – the corporations are a bigger threat to actual content creation than piracy. Of course,  to the corporations themselves – the only threat they seem capable of seeing is piracy.

  3. HahTse says:

     The sad thing is, that the European Commission already said that, should the EP  vote down ACTA, they would just wait, modify the text a bit and “explain it better to the public”.
    That’s why can never have anything nice…

    But I will send that email, nonetheless.

  4. John Coxon says: allows you to write to the MEPs (plural) that represent a given European citizen (although I think it might only work for British citizens). It would be sensible to link to this in the post, perhaps? This service has the added benefit that you’re not writing to MEPs that don’t care because you’re not a constituent.

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