Rainbow school remodel


7 Responses to “Rainbow school remodel”

  1. tiredofit says:

    It’s lovely, but they are going to have to do the upkeep or it will get depressing as it fades and chips.

  2. Stewart Johnson says:

    How do they get the clouds to stay there? 

  3. Greg says:

    Wow that’s just down the street from us, and the renovation is brand new. They are renovating a lot of the buildings on the street (that abuts the Gare de l’Est train tracks) and doing it well, it seems. Look at 37 rue Pajol on GoogleMaps to compare to what the façade used to look like.

  4. nemryn says:

    Far more than twenty percent cooler.

  5. Jack Everitt says:

    Sorry, I find it ugly. Where are the trees, plants and/or grass? This just seems like a color-washing.

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