Story of Jaws, the painting


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  1. pebird says:

    Why did he go to the shark exhibit? Any ancient civilization hall would have had all the phallic symbols needed.

  2. CSBD says:

    Thanks to this book/movie and Chinese erectile dysfunction, sharks may appear only in CGI or old books/movies some day.

    Some asshat movie exec is probably just itching to redo jaws… but this time, the shark will eat more babies.

  3. That original painting really does just look like a novelty dildo.

  4. Reminds me of Chip Kidd’s Jurassic Park book cover story at TED

  5. Sodium says:

    Hang on… I thought it was the jaws that controlled hollywood…?

  6. Ben Dornan says:

    Feel the fantastic polish poster for Jaws 2 needs an airing here:

  7. schutz says:

     Couple of years ago I made a book jacket based on Jaws theme. When I started to read the manuscript it appeared to me rewritten word by word. The only difference was that instead of the shark there was a dog.

  8. blueelm says:

    The original, while definitely dildoesque, also looks a bit like some kind of parasitic worm. 

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