VLC on Android

VLC, the world's greatest video player, is now in beta for Android. It's a bit shaky, but it's also amazing news. (via LifeHacker)


    1. Same here, Play is blocking it. Does anyone have a link to an apk file? Time to go scout the vlc site …

  1. Meh. I am tired, really tired of this crap of “not compatible with your model”, then I get hold of the apk file and so far, every single app except Chrome, works. Seriously annoying.

    1. It’s an OS thing. These apps have been dev’d for ICS’s holo layout and there is no guarantee they will run effectively on Gingerbread. They just make a blanket rule to not install on devices with old OSes because it’s also a way of handling the divergent array of hardware to manage user experience of the app and device.

      My guess is that peeps who cannot d/l it are running Gingerbread.

      1. OK, that’s a good technical reason… but I have an old Verizon Motorola Droid. Some of the forbidden ones are available there. 

    2. Support a company that either provides fast updates or get a Nexus device.

      Show this stuff is important by voting with your feet. :-)

      1. I have a custom rom. In any case, it is stupid to limit the software just because.
        And, not everybody has 350 buck lying around to pay for a new phone. My feet are happy, but my wallet would be sick.

  2. Here’s my take on it so far (I understand it’s just Beta, but here’s my 2c anyway):

    Not bad, but needs more. App is responsive on an 18 month old, single core device.

    Auto searches your device for media upon launch. This cannot be aborted and will result in ALL your video showing up in the gallery (rename those pr0n files to have a ‘.’ at the start of the filename, kids!).

    I could not for the life of me get streaming to work, but I have no way to verify the mms/rtsp links im trying are active (I’m behind a friggin’ office firewall)

    It just took a dump and had to re-sync my media library.

    No cover art for albums? REALLY!?

    Also no widgets to control playback from the home screen.

    I still contend that cubed (³)  – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.abrantix.rockon.rockonnggl&hl=en – is by far the best mp3 app. Auto syncs audio library, automatic cover art download (one click), 4 different home screen widgets & an awesome user interface (It’s CUBES OMG!!!1!)

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