RIP, Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith, TV star, comedian, raconteur and comedian, has died at 86. I grew up on Mayberry, and I can sing all the words to the Andy Griffith theme (and also the Beyonce mashup). I'll miss him.

BREAKING NEWS: Friend Says Andy Griffith Has Died


  1. How sad. I’m a Lost Colony alum and Andy was always very supportive of the show. He was an incredibly-generous and talented man. The fact that The Andy Griffith Show is still on television nearly every day in America says something about his talent. RIP Andy.

    1. If you can find it, do check out the made-for-TV movie ‘Murder in Coweta County’ with both Andy Griffith AND Johnny Cash. Andy plays a truly nasty piece of work in this, as far from Sheriff Taylor as you can get.

    2. That is indeed a great film. It shows up on Turner Classic Movies once in a while (which is where I saw it). Wouldn’t be surprised if they play it this week or next (they often shuffle their schedule around when people from classic films die).

  2. There’s a statue of Andy and Ron Howard in the park where I frequently eat my lunch. My guess is that it”ll be covered in flowers by noon.

  3. I enjoyed his work, and respected both his talent and his viewpoint.  By all accounts, he was a fine gentleman who led a good life.  May he be long-remembered.  My condolences to his family, loved ones, and friends.

        1. My sister used to work in the film industry.  She told me that the lyrics to the Star Wars theme music was:
          “Staaar Wars!  Paid off my mortage, paid off my mortgage, bought me a house car!”

  4. Narrator:  “No one was making fun of Andy Griffith. I can’t emphasize that enough.”

  5. “Each Matlock may be our last.”- Simpsons
    A Face in the Crowd is a must see.
    RIP Sheriff Andy Taylor

  6. Do kids still grow up on Mayberry these days? I did, in the 90’s, along with Leave it to Beaver and the rest, because those were the best things on TV. Now there’s so much more to watch (e.g. youtube). I know you can still find those shows on TV, so I’m not sure.

    One thing’s for sure, I’ll be whistling all day!

  7. The amount of AGS reruns I have watched probably totals at least a year of my life. Such a big part of my childhood. RIP, sheriff!

  8. No Time For Sergeants is another of his early roles that’s worth seeing; sort of Lonesome Rhode’s non-evil twin. 

    1. I remember my grandparents had an LP of his comedy routines (along with Bob Newhart, Bill Cosby, and the Smothers Brothers) back when comedy on vinyl was a thing. My grandfather got a huge laugh out of Andy, I think in part because he really enjoyed listening to someone acting like more of a hayseed than he was!

  9. The last time I saw Andy Griffith was at Dr. Marvin Waxman’s in Toronto where a bunch of us were enduring production insurance medical exams (different shows) this was maybe 10 years ago and while he looked frail he was still a consummate gentleman. Griffith’s best work, to my mind, will always be “Face In The Crowd” with Patricia Neal, directed by Elia Kazan, and still so frightfully prescient for today.

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