Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge: "Only a Poor Old Man"


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  1. Running Pinata says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Mark. Btw you have a typo… unless you have dyslexia. “1940s-1096s” => “1940s-1960s”

    • Paul Renault says:

      1940s-1096s = 844s
      1940s-1960s = -20s

      Yup, “1940s-1096s” is definitely greater than “1940s-1960s”.

  2. Jesse Dawson says:

    I was obsessed with Disney comic when I was a kid and had a huge-ish collection I amassed over years. Carl Barks (and Don Rosa) was a hero to me. I may have to order these books and dust off the old collection…

  3. Growing up, Carl Barks was known to me as “Unca Carl” (what my mom called him) and Unca Don (Don Rosa, the other duck great) I still have all the full sized versions of the big stories (Lost in the Andes, etc) that I had when I was a kid- they’ve held up surprisingly well given how much I read and reread them. I also have many, MANY of the traditional comic book versions of the shorter carl barks and don rosa duck-world- they occupy almost a whole shelf on my bookcase.
    I thought for years the Marianas trench was actually called the Marinara trench, because 90% of my history and geography came from comics. I still kind of think of it as that.  
    Also, have you seen this amazing handmade minature money bin? Someone certainly earned their Junior Woodchucks patch for crafts:

  4. penguinchris says:

    I enjoyed your discussion about these on Gweek. Haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, but the cover art (especially for Lost in the Andes) is great.

  5. woid says:

    Carl Barks was my childhood comics hero long before I knew his name. Still is, with the addition of George Herriman and Winsor McCay to the pantheon.

    My mom has sworn for years that she did NOT donate my Scrooge and Donald trove to the hospital… But many searches through their attic have never turned it up. I’m visiting this week, probably will look again…

    In recent years, it’s occurred to me that the iPhone/Pad + Google is the closest I’ll ever get to my dream of owning a copy of the Junior Woodchucks’ Manual, the book that knows everything about everything.

    I also own a bunch of Barks collections, including huge, expensive hardbacks from Abbeville Press and Celestial Arts. The Fantagraphics volumes are by far the best yet.

  6. Amelia_G says:

    German “donaldists” are fun, probably because Dr. Erika Fuchs’s translations of the Barks comics were particularly charming. “Überall ist Entenhausen.”

  7. Jose Alberto Abreu says:

    A lot of us kids in Latin America were forbidden to read Banks/Rosa comics, as they were thought to push a capitalist and imperialist ideology.


  8. Fray says:

    “I think there’s something really sexy about Scrooge McDuck…” 

    (My favourite line from my favourite movie, Last Days of Disco.)

  9. Stephan says:

    Mark do you know the Donaldist movement?


    In Germany members of the group who are well known journalists managed to produce headlines in the culture section of one of the most prestigious German newpapers (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), that contained direct references to Carl Barks comics.

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