Where Anonymous actions come from


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  1. StCredZero says:

    Anonymous feeds off of people’s desire to belong to a group, to be “in the know,” to be somehow superior to the general public. For many, the ideology involves some notion of their targets somehow deserving mistreatment, the actions being somehow further justified because it’s fun or funny. This aspect of Anonymous is no nobler than /b tards trolling ebaum’s world “for the lulz.” 

    In this, they are similar to other youth counterculture groups. What disturbs me is their wholehearted endorsement of cruelty, so long as it’s funny, and so long as it only involves humiliation and the disruption of computers and computer networks. 

    The majority of evil done in this world has been done by groups claiming to be righteous, at the same time they advocate that some other group is deserving of mistreatment. In no way do I endorse or defend any of Anonymous’ targets. I only urge the participants to reflect honestly on where their own feelings come from. 

    • James says:

      The idea that anonymous wholeheartedly endorses anything is laughable in and of itself.

      • StCredZero says:

        The truth is that many people who take part in the actions do endorse such ideas. 

        • James says:

           Another truth is that many don’t. If only someone had written a lengthy article discussing the disparate nature of this particular cultural phenomenon in an effort to dispell lazy assumptions.

          • StCredZero says:

            >  Another truth is that many don’t.

            What would you bet that they comprise a majority or a minority?

            EDIT: Another disturbing thing about Anonymous: the constant use of plausible deniability. This is understandable to avoid retaliation for their actions. It’s just a cop-out when their motivations or the morality of their actions is being discussed.

          • James says:

             I’d bet approximately nothing. In order to discern whether it’s a majority or a minority, you’d need to know roughly how many people comprise anonymous. The nature of the beast rather flies in the face of that being a possibility.

  2. Cowicide says:

    Where Anonymous actions come from


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