Android 4.1 Jelly Bean "fast, fluid, and beautifully designed"

Dieter Bohn on the latest version of Google's Android operating system: "compared to what [iOS and Windows Phone] bring to the table today, I think Jelly Bean is a stronger offering, especially if you're a participant in the Google ecosystem." [The Verge]


  1. Unfortunately, in light of the injunction, Jelly Bean’s search is getting neutered by Google with an OTA update. Also, Galaxy Nexus sales have been stopped on the Google Play store. It is uncertain how carriers will continue to support Galaxy Nexus phones that are already on the market if they can’t continue to sell the devices. This drove me to root my phone and install a custom ROM of Jelly Bean, which is more work than most people want to put into their phones. It was not fun to be put in a situation where I had to act defensively.

  2. Apple will be put in a position like it was today where a UK judge just ruled that 3 of 4 Apple patents are invalid & HTC didn’t infringe on any of Apple’s patents. It’s software. It can be reprogrammed to avoid patent issues. While I do think that Google needs to make some easy cross licensing deals & own their upgrade channel? I do think that Apple’s patent cases aren’t slam dunk cases as they think it is.

  3. I’m happy that Apple finally has some competition but until OS updates get worked out for both the MS and Google camp, I’ll be sticking with an iPhone.

    3 year old hardware should get updates.

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