Joe Biden put a hit out on MegaUpload, and Chris Dodd put him up to it

Kim Dotcom, proprietor of the legally embroiled file-locker service MegaUpload, says that Joe Biden personally ordered the illegal raid on his business and his house in New Zealand. Biden's an old pal of Chris Dodd, the former senator who now runs the MPAA, and a TorrentFreak investigation shows that Biden met with Dodd and the execs from MPA Pacific-Asia, Sony Pictures, Universal, and Disney a shortly before the raid.


  1. Can we get conformation from a second source? Yes Torrentfreak has vested interest in making sure they put out material that won’t get them called out for making the whole thing up but understandably they are a touch biased.

      1. He has information “documenting the meetings.” Documenting the fact that they happened, or documenting their contents and subject matter?

        Biden is whatever, and I don’t like the way the Megaupload case is going down, but he needs to connect the dots a little better than that.

        1. That it happened for sure, the rest won’t come out until later.

          The fact you had Dodd and the heads of several major studios as well as someone who is an extradition expert, who later went and spoke with the NZ Minister of Justice does seem awfully coincidental.

          1. Assuming they talked about it at all, which they probably did, cause and effect hasn’t been determined yet. They might have been informing Biden of a situation that was already in progress.

          2. If the cartel members are briefing the VP on a DoJ investigation one might suggest there is a very large problem.

        2.  Yeah — it’s plausible, but there are a million other things that Dodd could have been meeting with Biden about.  SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, TPP…I wouldn’t be surprised if MegaUpload was part of it, but it’s not like Dodd and Biden have a short list of overbearing copyright enforcement subjects to discuss.

  2. I do feel a little sorry for Megaupload (but only a little) because they were clearly the unlucky lottery winners – they were picked out to be made an example of.  Whether there were reasons for their selection over any of the myriad of other similar services is probably never going to be established, although I guess there is pretty good circumstantial evidence.
    This week in the UK we had the outcome of the case, and something similar seems to have happened there – one site out of many seems to have be chosen and dumped on heavily – and that story probably has a long way to run as well.

    1. If there’s “good evidence,” then they can do it right rather than the dogfucking they decided to do.

    2. That’s the way all good law enforcement works. They don’t catch all the gun felons, drunk drivers, break in artists, people with warrants out on them, etc. They simply pick up a few at random, often with the help of an informant, prosecute them to whatever limit the budget allows and hope the scare tactic has sufficient suppressant effect on society as a whole, so they can give themselves gold stars and awards for a job well done.

      As to this bogus category of “organized crime”, it was Rapidshare three? years ago, Hotfile a year and a half and MegaUpload 6 months back. Just the court cases alone are a drain on taxpayer resources, but I assume MPAA money is flowing to politicians.

      1. What bugs me the most is that so little MPAA money is flowing to politicians.  Not only are they selling us out, they’re doing so at a tiny fraction of the going rate.

        1. Yeah. If I were a senator, I would require at least a costar role in a major action movie before I would be willing to throw my country’s principles under the bus.

        2.  A whore’s price is decided by the market they operate in.

          Still, don’t discount the plumb studio jobs they are all guaranteed when they ‘retire’. That’s where the real money is.

    1. And may you never find yourself flagged as bad by the Government at the behest of someone else.
      The TSA feels up children, I guess children are bad.
      The NSA spies on Americans in violation of the law, but its ok to break the law because they must be bad.

      One might hope you will come to understand that your attitude of Dotcom “deserved” this treatment for prior bad acts can and will then be applied to you.  That lowering the bar for justice applies to everyone, and in allowing him to be screwed you take 1 step forward in the long line of people about to be screwed.

  3. It sounds perfectly plausible and would be Biden’s modus operandi  but I’ll withhold judgement until I know more.

  4. Not funding the MPAA/RIAA is enough reason alone to illegally download everything without care or consideration.

    Yes, that big record label pays the RIAA for membership. Yes, a portion of the money you paid for that record goes to bending laws and rights for the benefit of the rich and powerful. Yes, I will continue to instruct others on how to pirate everything while maintaining relative safety. Yes, it kind of makes me happy to do so because of the ire it causes. No, I have no qualms whatsoever that I will never pay for another piece of media until this illegal madness ends. No, your guilt trip and ethical reasoning will never convince me while little people are getting ass raped by big business.

    You break the law? I break the law. It’s pretty simple.

  5. This is really just stupid. Police operations like this take weeks(if not months) to prepare just for the arrests/seizures and we’re supposed to believe that Biden somehow ordered it all into actions in a short amount of time? 

    1. I’m sure there are police raids that happen with only a few moments planning. It’s also possible that the raid had been pre-planned and Biden gave approval.  But as I said before, we don’t have much information right now.

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