Righthaven: copyright troll zombie!


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  1.  I don’t understand how these people sleep. And this is coming from someone who hopes to make a career in copyright law. It’s just dirty and abusive. A true travesty of the law.

    • Yacko says:

      They make money, hand over fist. You’d be surprised what a wonderful sleep sedative that can be. Especially since the riff-raff will likely not uprise and put a bullet in their heads. And I’m sure they have the money to pay for advanced security, both in travel and at their Mcmansions.

      Not to mention they are likely narcissists and psychopaths with zero empathy, filling economic niches that get no legal scrutiny by a society that has philosophically given them a thumbs up.

      What? Us Worry?

  2. Somebody shoot those guys. Honestly, shoot them. 

  3. khherrmann says:

    Interestingly the German print media companies talked the government into proposing a new law on “Leistungsschutzrechte” in which the print media companies are granted all rights to commercial use of their printed content (including their online portals) for a full year. This would be valid even for part-sentences and headlines. To fall under the then forbidden commercial reuse its sufficient to have some kind of advertising on the citing blog/web/whatever site. This of course aims at suing google and other aggregators for reposting links to the original content which include some kind of short summary or headline of the original.  I myself rarely heard of a more sure to backfire idea … suing the guys who link and distribute your content is not gonna work. 
    A google search on “Gesetz Leistungsschutzrecht” gets you plenty oflinks to German newspapers, the majority (all?) quite critical judgements or reports on critisism by political parties and activist groups.  

  4. $16228947 says:

    As long as a good number recognize Righthaven for its overflowing stool of ilk, there will be no resurrection, no rising from the grave … only memories of the stench it left behind. 

  5. RayCornwall says:

    “…they want to rise from the grave in order to appeal key rulings against them.”

    Worst Kickstarter ever.

  6. Cowicide says:

    Guess the only way to really kill zombies is to burn them to ashes.

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