Take a trip through the Grateful Dead Archive Online


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  1. Having poked around the site a little tonight I have to say I am disappointed.  It’s a strange layout.  You click shows and it takes you to a map of the world.  There isn’t a lot of music and videos so far though there are plenty of Audience recording but I’m not sure they can be downloaded.   The look of the site is also kind of dull.  With all the great artwork available on old concert posters I would have made the site look like a 60′s posters instead of just a boring layout.

    • The site is a way to open up the collection the band gave to the library in 2008, and it reflects that. They donated physical stuff – photos, posters, files, envelopes, newsletters, fan zines – that you can’t see anywhere else, and that without this site you’d have to come to the library and request item by item. There was very little audio or video, and the audio there was wasn’t concerts, it was stuff like concert ticket line recordings.
      It’s not a commercial site or a band-run site – it’s a non-profit archive. And archive.org is already doing a great job of collecting audio. The map of shows, if you click on a particular location you’re interested in, will often bring you to a recording of that show hosted there. I’m sorry you didn’t find what you were expecting, and I hope you come back and try us again.

  2. billstewart says:

    I really enjoyed the launch event down at UCSC last week.  Moonalice did a nice show, and the room with the displays from the collection was well done.   Thanks!

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