Young man performs "Trololo"


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  1. Boundegar says:

    I’m nominatin this kid for the Nobel Prize in Trololol.

  2. rachel ten bruggencate says:

    In humanity’s darkest hour, a young saviour appeared…

  3. hughstimson says:

    Kid nails it.

  4. wfpman says:

    I’ll never troll-olo again….

  5. Mike Hutchins says:

    This kid’s facials (and his performance was great) made me realize that the Trololol song would have perfect for Andy Kaufman.

  6. Nailed. Kid wins the Internet today.

  7. Adorable and hilarious. I just hope he gets appreciated at school and not mocked horribly…

  8. betterwings says:

    Time for a Kickstarter production… tracking shots, outdoor locations, cranes, fountains… wardrobe! The kid’s got it, that indefinable *STAR* quality… all we need is a little production value.

    • Efemmeral says:

      A producer would ruin it for sure.

    • penguinchris says:

      Actually I think he looks and acts a lot like Shia Labeouf in Freaks and Geeks (he was probably about the same age at the time). I’m not sure if the world can stand another Shia Labeouf, but he’s successful, anyway :)

    • chaopoiesis says:

      Patience… this is, after all, an election year.

  9. Suburbancowboy says:

    Ok, that was great.

  10. betterwings says:


  11. Efemmeral says:

    Trololo: The Prequel

  12. B E Pratt says:

    Goddamit! If YouTube were back in the day I would have been famous for my Elvis. Seriously

  13. BassTooth says:

    you know what. all in all it was a pretty good day. first that higgs boson thing, then I heard something about dark matter, and now this video. my life is complete. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY EVERYONE!

  14. kmoser says:

    I want to see his Downfall parody.

  15. Is it just me or does this kid look like Eduard Khil? I did a side by sideand the kids a dead ringer!

  16. Jan_Willem says:

    I do not think “performs” means what you think it means.

    • Looks like he’s performing to me?

      • Slightly out of time and whilst watching a video/autocue off to his right, but I guess it’s still a performance, no denying that.

        The proclamations of ‘nailed it!’ must be from his mum though, at best it deserves a ‘that’s alright!’, which admittedly isn’t as snappy as an Internet comment.

      • Guest says:

        He’s performing in the acting sense, but “performing a song” involves actually performing the piece, not acting.

        It’s like “performing a sexual act” or “performing an operation” or “performing a marriage ceremony.”

        Feigns.  He feigns the piece.

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          He’s performing, but “performing a song” involves actually performing the piece not acting.

          First of all, in the original video, Mr. Khil is lip-synching, albeit to his own voice. Second, there is one original, but hundreds of homages. This means that lip-synching is in fact the primary way that one “performs” Trololo.

          • Guest says:

            Perform: to render (music) by singing or playing.

            You can believe what you want.  Jan appears to understand that performance musically means a particular thing.  I was concurring.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            So DJS don’t perform? When dancers dance to music, they’re not performing? Nobody said that he was performing music. He’s performing a cultural piece.

        • Jan_Willem says:

          SpaceTard gets it exactly right, as any musician will tell you. My comment was due to expectations raised by Cory’s headline being dashed. The kid is blameless. I was looking forward to a musical reinterpretation of the tune, a cover if you like, but it seems the Internet cannot make all my wishes come true. Blame me for being an optimist.

          • joeposts says:

            boingboing’s hyperbolic headlines strike again! At least they didn’t say he “played” Trololo, or there would be blood, as they say.

            Seriously, it would have been cool if this kid had hired an orchestra, rewrote and arranged the score, recorded his version of it, set up the stage, lights and cameras, choreographed his blocking, visited the costume department and actually put on a real lip synching performance.

            Guess he was just a little lazy. Single camera, no professional lighting – like what is this, amateur hour in mom and pop’s basement? Oh ..

            Still, gave me lols.

        • Kimmo says:

          So this doesn’t count as a performance then?

  17. cdh1971 says:

    Great lip-synch, great performance by the lad, and a respectful homage to Eduard Anatolyevich Khil.

    Eduard Anatolyevich Khil, was an amazing guy. Trololo was his most well known song, at least in the west, but his oeuvre is much more than the one song. 

    He has been called the ‘Russian Lawrence Welk’,   because his show’s format was similar, and many older, elderly, Russian Immigrants acquaintances of mine  love Welk because they used to watch Khil back home. 

    I cannot sit through ten minutes of Welk unless I’ve altered my state. With Khil, I don’t need to alter my state. He didn’t take himself seriously and he kind of reminds me of a Benny Hill who continued to  play  it straight and did not evolve his show to burlesque (I’m a Benny Hill fan, and his very, earliest shows (B&W) were much like Welk and Khil.)

    BTW, here is a fairly decent WikiP about EAK:

    • retepslluerb says:

      Great lip-sync? Really? 

      Perhaps I’m spoiled by the efforts made by German dubbers (Though the standards declined in recent years), but this looked pretty off to me.

      Probably enhanced by the the discrepancy between the young boy and the deep voice, which can’t have come from him

      • cdh1971 says:

        Well, by great I wasn’t talking about whether or not the lip-sync was technically great .

        You’re right of course about it looking off, and you’re also right about this being enhanced by the discrepancy between the deep voice and the young boy. These reasons are the reason I used the word ‘great’, as in I really liked the overall effect. 

        I should have been more clear and wrote something like ‘great video’ while acknowledging this was lip-synced which was my intent. 

        Yes, I agree that the German dubbers are pretty amazing ;)

  18. pjaako says:

    This lipsync may be funny, OK. But what the author made to Cyrillic alphabet (“HAKOHELI BO3BPAIII,AIOCB ,II,OMON”) is just disgusting. While laughing at “Funny Engrish”, it may be useful to know it needs about 6 clicks (depends on OS) to set ANY character set  to one’s computer. 

  19. DSarge001 says:

    some of you take critiquing this kid way too seriously. I think some people just can’t handle others getting applause. Give the kid a break you sour m*therf*ckers, loosen up and have a laugh for once.

    • Chentzilla says:

      Calling others “sour m*therf*ckers” is a sure sign of one.
      As is censoring “mother”.

      • DSarge001 says:

        like I said loosen up. I’ll c*nsor wh*tev*r I want. I ain’t too sour to enjoy this kid having fun. 
        As Boney M said in Rah,Rah, Rasputin, “Oh, those Russians…”

  20. David Kopelman says:

    Does he not realize this will be now forever on the interwebs and he’ll never be able to live it down?

    • joeposts says:

      It shall be forever known that Tom Greto is a funny, confident young man with a taste for weird, geeky humour. The editors are already looking at hiring him to write for the new boingboing (For Kids!) section.

      • dbarts21 says:

        Wait, seriously? I am the original poster of this on Reddit and Tom’s cousin. I can give you contact information if you need it. 

  21. discourse says:

    I think that if you look through his other videos, you’ll find that this kid has a solid group of friends, they are very talented, and they are having enough fun doing this that they just don’t care what anyone else thinks. The fact that as many people watched this as did is reward enough. Plus, the slightly off lip-synch, the young/old juxtaposition, and the fact that that voice could never come out of this kid are what makes the video hysterical. A++, would watch again.

    • penguinchris says:

      Yep, in earlier generations a kid like this would be a lonely nerd, but no longer. He and his friends probably do still get picked on in school, but these days it’s much more obvious that jocks and bullies at school don’t actually matter, so kids like these (often, not always) are better equipped to deal with them or ignore them. Youtube plays a large role in this.

  22. Angryjim says:

    can we fix the audio. Sounds like its a stereo playing it in a room. Would be easy enuf to swap out, eh?

  23. Well… this made my day :) Very cool kid and great reenactment :0)

  24. Scratcheee says:

    Well, this is a little freaky.  I just started humming this song about a minute before I scrolled down to this story!

  25. ctrlU says:

    Although I heard about the “Trololo Guy” video, this is the only version I’ve seen. This kid will forever be the Trololo Guy in my mind.

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