It's no coincidence that Higgs Boson looks like a pile of dry spaghetti


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  1. Ender Wiggin says:

    ha!  you saw jesus in your toast did you?  Guess what we found down in the building blocks of REALITY ITSELF?   Ramen!

  2. Cowicide says:

    I’ve already talked with a right wing dimwit who thinks the scientists discovered a “gawd particle” that proves the Catholic gawd or something or another, mumble, jumble jumbo and thinks the librul media is “keeping it under wraps” as best they can because it proves gawd.  He somehow also simultaneously is capable of thinking it’s a huge deal because the media is saying it’s a huge discovery of the “gawd particle”.

    I didn’t want to give him cognitive dissonance on his conflicting (ironically quantum?) thoughts on the librul media or anything else…  so I silently glazed over and left the room.

    Just thought I’d show the antithesis of the scientists who pulled this off.  But, one thing is for sure, I need to talk with less Fox News watchin’, right wing dimwits.

  3. In portuguese massa means mass (the physical property) but it also means pasta. Check-Mate, Atheists! Live long FSM!

  4. OhNoYouDidnt! says:

    It was the Flying Spaghetti Monster all along!!!

  5. digi_owl says:

    Hello, string theory.

  6. jrp230 says:

    So if a force/particle is interacting with a Higgs Boson, it acts as a particle and has mass.  If it knocks loose from the Higgs Boson, it acts as energy.  Is that the gist of it?

  7. CHilke says:

    Proof that Pastafarianism is the one true religion!

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