Lifesize LEGO bridge

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Street artist MEGX converted an unused overpass in Wuppertal, Germany into a LEGO bridge. LEGO-Brücke (via Colossal)


  1. Very cool, but as a Jalopnik fan I was looking at the cars passing underneath. Before I saw that it was Germany all I could think was “Definitely not the midwest – Where are all the SUVs and pick-ups?”

    It always amazes me to see people driving reasonable vehicles that are the right size and do their job efficiently. It just doesn’t happen around here much. My Fiesta and I are the freaks on the road.

    1. Not to  mention traffic lights AHEAD of intersection, on rigid polls, not strung over on wires, dangling in the wind. Traffic signs on each signal to let drivers know what to do if the light fails… oh and there are very nice and useful lines on the roads too.

      1.  Lines and signs we have no shortage of in my neighborhood. What I REALLY wish we had was good public transport so I wouldn’t have to own a car. I live only a few  miles from my workplace, but there are no sidewalks. Walking in the road is a bad idea, and biking around here is pretty much a suicidal proposition.

  2. Can someone please explain the fascination with Legos?  

    I suppose if I have to ask, I won’t get it?  Correct?

    1. All bridges are gay, real men jump over (and the rest of the world skips in joy).

      Actually I think such decoration projects make the boring concrete structures much friendlier and easier to live with. 

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