NYC is paved with leftovers!


8 Responses to “NYC is paved with leftovers!”

  1. perch says:

    As someone who is both hungry and unable to eat because she has no money, I can say that I wish Denver were more like this.

    • I came to protest on your behalf, but I’m glad someone with a more personal connection to the issue is here to do it for me.

      Not that food being wasted is news, but it always disgusts me to see it. This isn’t a particular heinous example though, to be fair.

  2. Rickenbacker4001 says:

    Who throws out or loses Sriracha sauce ? If I found that, I would be like Homer in that episode where he chases that rotisserie pig, ” It’s still good, it’s still good ! ” .

  3. relawson says:

    That really happens? People just leave food in random places?

    I mean, other than the ones that are obviously an “accidental drop”

    • Missy Pants says:

      I’m ashamed to say, I’ve done it.

      You eat out, you get a doggy bag, then suddenly you all decide to go for drinks… Things happen (drunk things) and food gets left somewhere “hilarious”…

      Perhaps I just drink too much…

  4. If you care to take a look, I regularly document liquor I find on the streets of Chicago, and happily take submissions.

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