Plumber's butt, transcended

I challenge you to un-see this.

I asked photographer Markus Mueller about these hilarious and semi-disturbing shots on his website:

We shot these in different locations in berlin. one day three motives, three locations, a nice and very funny crew and work. we took the portrait pictures from the girls separately some days before. that are original prints on the t-shirts .....nothing with photoshop!

It was a ad campaign for the german client "Das Handwerk" (it is a German union for handcraft companies)
Agency: scholz&friends Berlin
Art Direction: Michael Johne


Gut gemacht gentlemen!


  1. This photo was obviously staged.  I mean, what could he possibly be fixing under a sink that would require a mini-sledge hammer?  

    1. How else do you loosen up a fitting that hasn’t been touched in 30 years? I had a faucet replaced and the parts of the old one looked like something from a 2,000 year-old shipwreck.

      1. Well the P-trap looks to be PVC, which would be best removed with a hacksaw or reciprocating saw(if it couldn’t be removed by unscrewing the trap itself), and the faucet appears to be piped in above the sink, which is a non-traditional installation to be sure.

        Also, old faucet parts are the nasty, but nothing compared to the inside of a well-used grease trap. That smell is worse than sewage, or so they tell me.

        1. Actually I have seen a lot of commercial sinks setup with the faucet installed off the wall so to speak like that.  Unusual for a home perhaps, but it also appears that it might be directly fed from a wall mounted hot water unit…(not something that you see in the US…at least not mounted where they are visible.)

          1.  Indeed wall mounted hot water unit. Very common in the northern parts of Europe (at least in houses built between 1945 and 1970). Usually the unit provides hot water for the bathroom as well.

    2. This photo was obviously staged.

      I wonder how much time they spent matching the male models’ skin tone to the female models’ skin tone.

    3. Percussive maintenance is the closest thing to a cross-platform standard that we have in this broken, postlapsarian world…

      1. Well, the shape of the hammer head is similar to a full-sized sledge hammer, as opposed to a framing hammer, tack hammer, or ball peen hammer.

        +like for the effective zinger, though:)

    4. Good on you for not bothering to read the 6 sentences that comprise the entirety of the written portion of the article. If you had you would have seen the part where the photographer talks about staging this shoot over 3 days.  

      1. Good on me indeed for spotting the obvious staging error without needing to read the article, and then pointing out the flaw for comedic effect. Maybe I should have also pointed out that the sandwich was not OSHA-compliant, so that the joke was more apparent.

        Also, thanks for assuming I can read.   People like you are the reason the internet is an unfriendly environment for illiterates.

  2. You’d get a different effect entirely if either of these gentlemen had an ass half as hairy as mine.

    1. Jeez, why don’t you link to a man-burqa vendor? Some of us like looking at ass cracks.

      1. But do you like looking at THESE ass cracks?  Kind of messes up the scenery for you, doesn’t it?

  3. There is currently a trent towards tongue-in-the-cheek heroification of home improvers and craftsmen in German advertisement, which I think is great. Watch these Hornbach (retailer of home improvement and construction products) commercials, they are awesome:

    1. What is with the yippee-ki-yi-yay at the end of the commercials?  Are U.S. cowboys the macho meme there too?

  4. I wonder why hot German women look so cross?  Hot American women usually smile for the camera.  Is this a cultural thingamajig?

    1.  Would /you/ smile if you knew you were destined to gaze down a plumber’s buttcrack?

      Well, actually, yes, I probably would, but it’d be a sniggering smile, rather than a sexy one …

    2. Oh! Those contortions are supposed to be smiles?  I always wondered why American models do their best to display three rows of teeths. 

  5. It’s really kind of funny, and a bit sad, that plumbers would need slick advertising.

    You’d think that the “Listen up, ‘Civilization’, we are the thin copper(and/or PVC, copper ain’t getting any cheaper) line that stands between you and drinking the diluted shit of everybody in your vicinity.” message would really sell itself…

    1. Yes, but plumbers also want you to choose their services. That’s where advertising come in. Who had the funny and sexy plumbers? Ah… it was our good confederation of craftspeople. They’re good people. We like them.

      1. Funnily enough, the George Brazil guy never looks like the picture on the truck.

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