South Korea may resume whaling, like Japan, "for scientific purposes"

South Korea may soon again allow whale hunting in the waters off its shores for what the government claims are "scientific purposes." The news has sparked criticism from environmental organizations and nations around the Pacific Rim. The country's delegation to the International Whaling Commission said this week that Seoul is reviewing a proposal to hunt minke whales migrating off the Korean Peninsula.


    1. Believe me, here in Texas (and other like minded states such as Mississippi) are working very hard on this very thing. Here is one of our supporters talking: 
      “People now don’t die from prostate cancer, breast cancer and some of the other things.”—NY GOP congressional candidate Chris Collins, in explaining why the ACA should be repealed
      [eh, I’m in Austin. One has to have a healthy sense of humor to live in this state]

    1. We should disguise a torpedo as a whale and let them harpoon it! I’m heading over to Kickstart…

  1. On a related note, North Korea is considering allowing the hunting of humans, again for “scientific purposes”

  2. I am amazed that they openly admit how bad their scientists are. I mean, to not now what a whale looks on the inside afters *centuries*!!

  3. Do they explain what they hope to learn from new scientific research on whales?

    What aspect of whale academics could be helped by hauling in a few hundred every year, chopping them up, and selling them to sushi houses?

  4. The problem is that they are giving the same lame excuse for hunting whales.  Just admit it’s for food, and everything’s fine (as long as they don’t hunt it to extinction).  Why copy the bad part of Japan?

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