Epic moonwalk video


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  1. franko says:

    more like “moonsprinting”, amirite??

  2. Sagodjur says:

    I think the internet has conditioned me to not enjoy videos like this as much if there isn’t an epic fail at the end.

  3. Greg Miller says:

    Wait, what, how?! That was awesome. I wonder if it would work on a non-wet (and thus slick) street, though.

  4. royaltrux says:

    That is terrific, though I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around the physics.

  5. Tom O'Neill says:

    Ok! 21 seconds well spent!

  6. kktkkr says:

     Now watch it backwards.

  7. relawson says:

    We used to do something like that on a long huge puddle in the street that would freeze in the winter. Made waiting for the school bus more fun. Then they fixed the street :(

  8. tyger11 says:

    This should be an Olympic sport.

  9. Evan G. says:

    Mr. Animation has been doing this for longer, also in Santa Monica and Venice. 


  10. Petzl says:

    Even when you slow-mo it, it’s still incredibly hard to see where he’s (actually) pushing off and where he’s landing.  The foot is quicker than the eye.

    Edit: Might he have that type of shoe that has a small wheel in the base of the sole? it would aid in bringing the foot behind him, plus it would explain that “scraping” sound that accompanies his stride …

  11. feetleet says:

    Remember when this guy made a whole action career based on one move?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ayd7BAczuHY It’s as if the world got a billion times more talented with the advent of the Internet.  Seriously, Candyman, make more videos please!  Parkour saved James Bond.  Boarding, cold, wet and skate, made sports interesting again.  And Marquese Scott made the Zach Morris time-out a dance move.  You can do ALL these things?  I hear Wimbledon is more amenable to dance-fight-porn these days.  You should seriously crash it.

  12. Mace Ojala says:

    That is indeed nothing short of epic! Thanks for the laughs :D

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