Talking comic book cover

[Video Link] Introducing Clutch Cargo-era technology to comic books.


  1. zOMG so cool. Much better than the ‘digital comics’ the industry is trying to push

  2. I would love to see this technique applied to some of the panels on the inner comic pages – Such as adding the QR code to the lower right of a panel which depicts an explosion or some other visual that would be idea for animation. Would be a good way to promote a connection between a published comic and a companies app (of course, considering other markets I could see Playboy doing this with large images so that they can ‘talk dirty’ to you while you ‘read the articles’)

  3. Really cool.  Up until the text flashed on the screen.  The comic book is right there!  We don’t need the text.

    1. That’s because it was used for posters to advertise the comic. However, they should have just added a flag to let the app know if it’s the poster or the comic.

      1. Whaaaaat? Hack-together app shipped before ready can accept multiple QR Code?! HULK SMASH!

  4. “The seeds of their invasion have taken root in every kingdom.”

    Bad metaphor, dude.  Invasions don’t grow like weeds, they move in quickly, like storm fronts.  Oh well, he’s a visigoth, he never passed Rhetoric.

    1. Apparently his enemies are plant-based aliens. But what on earth did he mean by calling himself the last of the Visigoths? Wikipedia’s synopsis doesn’t mention his people being wiped out in the story.

      Also, “But I […] will be conquered no more” sounds awkward. It’s easy to interpret “conqured” as a past participle so that the sentence is future passive: as of now, he has been repeatedly conquered in the past, but he will not be conquered again. I know they meant “conquered” as a (predicative) adjective, but still, it could have been a lot better-worded.

  5. The way his lips hardly ever meet really freaks me out. It’s like something Rob Liefeld would come up with.

  6. Didn’t realize Valiant was still around. Wonder what Jim Shooter thinks of this. I haven’t been over to his blog as much as I should be.

  7. Hmm, seems like this would be a more appropriate application for NFC.  Simply placing it in the necessary spot would trigger, instead of having to take a picture of a different spot of the magazine first.
    Although, much more expensive.

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