Ernest Borgnine as Cabbie

As Rob posted, Ernest Borgnine died today at 95. From Marty to SpongeBob SquarePants, McHale's Navy to From Here To Eternity, Borgnine had a fantastic and fantastically-diverse career. For Rob, Borgnine was Dominic Santini from Airwolf. But my favorite Borgnine role will always be the gleeful Cabbie in Escape from New York (1981).


    1. And Jan Michael Vincent became a withered toothless  wino only a couple years later.

    1. Apparently Marty almost didn’t get made and then almost didn’t get released for a couple years.  It forget if it was contractual, or politics, or taxes.  It was just a movie about a good haearted guy with an OK job, average looks, and a slightly annoyng mother. It’s not a comedy, and nothing much happens, but you can identify with the characters.

    1. He was also the cowboy bully in “Bad Day At Flat Rock” where he kept pushing around a one armed and old looking Spencer Tracy.  During the fight he goes through a screen door that was supposed to open and he tears it off the hinges instead.

  1. Tragically, my primary memory of him has become his performance in the cripplingly bad Laser Mission. Rest in peace Ernest, you deserved better than Laser Mission (and often got it, I’m really sorry I remember that film).

  2. Is this the space where people are supposed to go and give Ernest Borgnine the “Andy Griffith Treatment” because he was a staunch Conservative?  If so, why is it so empty?

    For the record:  Airwolf=Awesome.  Nice work sir, we’ll miss that crazy fun and always recognizable laugh.

    1. Andy Griffith earned his place in heaven for “A Face In The Crowd” where he played a drunken sociopath who gets a tv show as a very Glenn Beck character with the ability to sway national elections and the desire to lead his own Fascist movement.

        1. several of the commentators indicated that “the other side does it.”

          Using false equivalency is how they sleep at night, I suppose.

  3. One of my fav obscure movies of all time is “Pay or Die!” with Borgnine as officer Joeseph Petrosino battling the early 190o’s mob. Saw this movie 45 years ago as a kid at an all-night slumber party and couldn’t get my hands on a decent copy of it on DVD until a couple years ago when Warner started offering little-known classics on burned DVDs called the “Archive Collection”. 

    It’s amazing all the cool movies that were made over the years that nobody ever heard of. This is one.

  4. Definitely FH2E, Wild Bunch and as Shep Horgan in Jubal, an xlnt Delmer Daves western.

  5. Oh…that makes me a sad Panda.  :/  I loved him as Mermaid Man in Spongebob Squarepants.  I wonder who they will get to replace his iconic voice in future episodes.

  6. Marty.  It is a wonderful old movie and his best work by far. In addition, the supporting cast is fantastic.  His old country Italian mother and aunt are delightful, both bun haired widows, one concerned about her son and her sister, the sourpuss.  (“Someaday you gonna smile, Teresa and we gonna have a party”)   I bought this movie because I love it so much.  It has a story to tell about people that are considered “plain” and Marty, the middle aged, chubby bachelor butcher, couldn’t have been played by anyone else but our Ernest.  “Whenea gonna get married, Maity?  A mana you age shoulda be married wid a family.  You shoulda be ashamed of youself”.  We will miss you, Ernest.  Thanks for the memories.

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