Crowdfunding a guide to crowdfunding


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  1. TechArt says:

     Too bad the book isn’t already available, so we can use advices and tips on our freshly launched campaign “Art and technology in the perfect sync.”

  2. Crowdfunding isn’t a solution to some niche cultural issues. It’s a way of thinking about markets in a new way. Fifth generation crowdfunding will address local retail outlets, community ownership of local businesses, more direct relationships between producers and consumers, B Corps raising massive capital for disruption level projects, etc. Just wait.

    • I love B corporations. The issue there, as I’ve read, is whether the B corp. guidelines will be able to effectively provide the right incentives over changes of leadership and long spans of time. But it’s a great structure. Needs more tax benefits, I think.

    • i completely agree, it is some sort of community share, a completely new way for funding without large investors and keeping banks completely out of the way. 

  3. nixiebunny says:

    As usual, already covered by Randall Munroe:

  4. sweetcraspy says:

    I’ve been thinking that a good meta-Kickstarter would be a campaign to start a physical shipping company specifically for Kickstarter projects.  I’ve heard many  successful projects talk about how unready they were to ship 5000 posters or keychains or whatever.  The reward levels could be “discounted handling of your next successful project” or something like that.

    • Yes, this is absolutely a growing niche. There are already firms that specialize in making and delivering merchandise, but I don’t know that any have tied in perfectly into the Kickstarter/Indiegogo/etc. stream.

  5. as traditional publishers are not really giving you a good share of revenus for your books, i think starting a book project and getting possible readers via crowd sourcing platforms is an excellent idea. 
    A fancy idea would also be to crowd fund research publications, as they are quite expensive when you add travel costs, hotel, conference fees and work time… :)

  6. William Cunningham says:

    The JOBS Act: Crowdfunding for Small Businesses and Startups

    Thank you!

    William Michael Cunningham

  7. jebyrnes says:

    FYI, I’ve been doing some data analysis on Science Crowdfunding – see talk at – and I’m happy to share my research with you.  I’m curious to see if the pattern is general, and I think it might be.  See also 

  8. july says:

    I think your initiative is very interesting. If you want to compare some crowdfunding websites, I heard about MyMicroInvest ( They are different from other websites as they let people vote for the start-up they like and people will invest with professionals at the same conditions. 

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