Just look at this kitten in a banana-split costume, eating a banana


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  1. Florian Bösch says:

    You used to be a predator and meat eater goddarnit, don’t go for the banana and water-melon. Do you think wildcats, cougars, lions and other cats would ever give a fruit as much as a second look? No!

  2. PhosPhorious says:

    Bananas area good source of potassium.  I can only assume that kittens dressed up as bananas are also a good source of potassium.

  3. i find this disturbing.

  4. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    What is “Nom nom nom!” in kitteh?

  5. My cats run away at the sight or smell of a banana. And they will never wear a costume.

  6. stalkmykitchen says:

    I thought my cat was the only one that like bananas!  Awesome!

    • SomeGuyNamedMark says:

       Mine too, he also likes apple juice.  My previous cat also loved to chew on cantaloupe rinds.

      • Wendy Kitten says:

        I had a roommate with a cat who would nom strawberries, but only if you held them up by the green bits so he could gum at them. It was weird. He liked the flavour, but not the texture.

  7. Red Monk says:


  8. Boundegar says:

    As I was just looking at it, my cat came and made the universal cat sign for “covering up poo.”

  9. Its the meme that will never die, the emperor of memes, the memperor. 

  10. This is my first time seeing kitty porn.

  11. technogeekagain says:

    I’ve stopped trying to predict what cats will and won’t like.  I had a cat that liked broccoli.  One of my current cats decided she liked graham crackers. A friend’s cat used to wait for manna from heaven in the form of cheerios dropped by their toddler.

    • technogeekagain says:

      Not to mention their grass habit… I mean lawn, not pot. Though catnip is another data point.

      Being an obligate carnivore, and being poorly adapted to digest plant matter, doesn’t mean one can’t have a taste for it anyway. Gods know humans eat all sorts of things with zero nutritional value.

    • Wendy Kitten says:

      Things my cat likes that confused me: macaroni and cheese (makes sense), cheese its,  macaroni in general (Plain, with sauce, with oil), lentils, popcorn (they play with it first). Cats are weird.

  12. Shibi_SF says:

    I cringe at the thought of what comes out the other end after a cat eats a banana. 

  13. hungrygirl says:

    I think we’ve found Winston’s soul mate. :)

  14. Mary Mac says:

    another 49 seconds I will never get back.

  15. Ginger Jane says:

    That noise totally squicked me out.

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