Russian Wikipedia blacks out over censorship plan

People visiting the Russian-language Wikipedia today will find it blacked out, in protest of a proposed far-reaching Internet blacklist plan in Russia. Similar measures were used in the Italian Wikipedia to protest an Italian Internet censorship law, and in the English Wikipedia to protest SOPA/PIPA. The Russian proposal, Bill 89417-6, will establish a national censorwall that blocks "all websites containing pornography, drug ads and promoting suicide or extremist ideas." Here's a Google Translate translation of the Wikipedia message:

Today, July 10, the Duma hearings are going to amend the Act for information that could lead to the creation of extra-judicial censorship of the Internet in Russian, including the closure of access to Wikipedia in Russian.

Wikipedia community protests against censorship, dangerous to free knowledge, open to all mankind. We ask that you support in opposing this bill.

Russian Wikipedia Shutters In Protest of Internet Blacklist Plans


  1. This is alarming. Wikipedia is one source of useful information which is open to all who want insight on certain things. It is convenient way of research than before.

    1. Which is why they did the blackout thing again. They /WILL/ be noticed.

      It worked with SOPA. It worked in Italy. I hope it works here.

    1.  Not much. Welcome to the wonderful world of world-wide Totalitarianism :) It’s just that we like to do it a bit differently in different areas. Keeps you on your toes, knowhutimean?

      1. Welcome to the wonderful world of world-wide Totalitarianism

        There should be a PSA poster made for that:

        “Totalitarianism –  Everybody’s doing it.”

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