Gregory Euclide's breathtaking whiteboard drawings

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Gregory Euclide is an artist who makes stunning landscape dioramas and paintings that I find to be endlessly inviting and immersive. (Last year, I was honored to contribute my brief thoughts on Euclide to a gorgeous monograph of his work.) Euclide is perhaps best known for creating the cover art for indie folk band Bon Iver's eponymous album and single. If the image above looks like a white board, that's because it is. While teaching high school in Minnesota, Euclide would do whiteboard drawings during his half-hour lunch break. Over at Hi-Fructose, you can catch a glimpse of the series, titled "Laid Down & Wiped Away." And the David B. Smith Gallery has released those drawings as a series of limited prints.


  1. If his whiteboards are as easy to erase as the ones in my office, his drawings will last for millenia!

    1. Hah! no doubt!
      Pro tip: someone use permanent marker on your dry erase board? draw over the permanent mark with a dry erase marker and it’ll come off! Like MAGIC!

    2. I used to do seasonal drawings on the whiteboards when I worked in the hospital.  And then one day, I was at the grocery store and noticed that the butcher was doing them, too.  And then I realized that they’re fake.  There’s now a whole industry of fake whiteboard drawings to make stores like Trader Joe’s look homier.

  2. For a second there, I could actually smell the dry-erase markers, just by looking at this.

    Am I the only one?  Does that make me weird?

  3. Wow… I thought I was a cool teacher when I drew this on the whiteboard, but I will cede to this artist :)

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