Lunar topography replicated in gorgeous fine art carvings


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  1. techbuzz says:

    Nice. I’ll likely stop by the show at Jellyfish Gallery (it’s just a half block from my place).

  2. Jeffrey Bary says:

    See also:

    He has a number of images from lunar data. To be clear: these are NOT photographs. They are renderings from real data. e,g.:

    the blog also includes a shot of a 3D model from the same data.

  3. timquinn says:

    OK, now we are going to judge art on whether or not the data is “real?”

    Nice work, man, just stop talking about it. (seriously)

  4. Scott Ethersmith says:

    Had the privilege of helping hang this show. The lunar art is gorgeous. And there are many pieces. But seriously, come check out the Animated Light Objects. They are probably even better. Sophisticated, elegant, wonderful. Jellyfish Gallery is lucky to have him.

  5. dunkyboy says:


  6. Rocky Mullin says:

    i can’t get my head around better or worse, but the animated light objects are *completely amazing*.

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