Ron English's Stickable Art Offenses: Wacky Packages meets AdBusters


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  1. Gyrofrog says:

    Ron English apparently used to live in the co-op where I spent my 2nd year in college.  He painted some murals on the wood fence (I don’t know if any of it’s still there; it’s not visible from the picture in the link).  He was there a few years before me, but there were some photographs of him in one of the kitchen drawers (e.g. him posing on top of a billboard that he painted).

    When I started reading The Realist, I came across the name “Ron English” and thought “hey wait, I know who that is…”

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  2. smallteam says:

    Ron English, American Hero!

  3. Suburbancowboy says:

     I like his artwork, but I don’t know if I can support anyone who collaborates with Chris Brown.

  4. Press Watch says:

    @gyro:  Good times.  I remember him hacking full-sized billboards.  He painted a tuxedo on my (then) male chest at an Ark pool party; didn’t know he lived at French House too.

  5. ethanwc says:

    As a graphic designer, his type choices are horrendous. I expected more from an artist. Call Shep, he knows Typography.

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