Let's compare two Philip Seymour Hoffman characters: Plutarch Heavensbee and Scotty from Boogie Nights


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  1. Cory says:

    Spoiler Alert?

  2. Tiny Zombie says:

    dafuq did i just read

  3. Reynish says:

    You mean that strawberry blonde fella from patch adams?

  4. Judonerd says:

    Well, I for one enjoyed it.

  5. rtresco says:

    My take away is that PSH is stuck in a rut?

  6. retchdog says:

    “… inner-city children of promise without the necessary means for a — necessary means for a — higher education. so president coriolanus is committed to sending them all to the arena.”

  7. Mark A says:

    This could be a game: compare the last two Phillip Seymour Hoffman roles you have seen, and post it on the internet. Mine would be that rocker from Pirate Radio and Truman Capote. They both created media!

    • SAMO1415 says:

      Good game.  I just mentioned Wilson from “Love Liza” and Dean Trumbull (aka the Mattress Man) in “Punch Drunk Love.” in a comment below so let’s see…

      Hmmmm…  Both go to great lengths to hide their true less-than-moral activities.  The former huffs gasoline and covers it up by saying he’s into radio control airplanes.  The latter extorts callers into his phone sex line which he operates out of a mattress store.

      • abstract_reg says:

        The team manager in Moneyball and Jim the bartender in The Invention of Lying. They both get caught in a paradigm shift!

  8. Teller says:

    Hunger Games is awesome. They should make a movie of it!

    - Signed, #4.

  9. SAMO1415 says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Considering you’ve managed to annoy some people, I’d say you’re off to a great start.

    One hopefully helpful piece of constructive criticism:  Please stop trying to double barrel shotgun your posts.  Chumbawumba and Independence Day?  Drawing weak parallels between Scotty and Plutarch?  I liked both posts, but they seem disjointed somehow.  I’d much rather have heard a treatise about how all or many of PSH’s relatively obscure characters could contribute to Plutarch.

    Wilson from “Love Liza” or the Mattress Man in “Punch Drunk Love” perhaps…

    Still though, any mention of Scotty is great.  I look forward to your future posts. 

  10. Teller says:

    {Teller sits back, hands folded behind head}

    I remember when Xeni started. There were a lot of “oys” and “wtfs” and she worked out okay. In fact, I remember Mark and Cory when they were just the neighborhood kids. Mark always hooking up his K’nex to a lawnmower engine and Cory, well Cory never left his house but they both worked out. I’m sure Jaime will, too.

  11. grs says:

    Do you know who I am?

    I am a big fan of Radio Control!

  12. joeposts says:

    I think it’s a sound case. Maybe. “Plutarch is like a highly evolved Scotty, in another time and dimension. And an equally colorful dresser.” In any case, the above paragraphs had enough ZAZZ and humour to get me to finish it.

  13. Steve Taylor says:

    Not commenting on the article, but on Hunger Games itself:

    > she notices that he’s sporting a Mockingjay pin, a symbol of the rebellion that the second book is all about.

    So we know he’s part of the secret rebellion because he walks around Evil Villain Headquarters all day wearing the rebel’s *lapel pin*???

    WTF? That’s no way to run a revolution.

  14. sarahnocal says:

     Being one of the “three of you”, I thought it was just me.

  15. Alix MacLean says:

    To elaborate on my initial annoyed comment: in our current internet climate where women bloggers are often dismissed and/or harassed ESPECIALLY on sites that deal with tech/game/”nerd” culture, we really shouldn’t be offering the trolls bait. I would hate to see some troglodyte say, “Women bloggers are ALL stupid and pointless. SEE??!!!” and use this an example. 
    Bring your A game. And for god’s sake, put a spoiler alert in!

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