Scarlett Johansson: $20 Million For The Avengers 2


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  1. mccrum says:

    Oh, there are plans for a sequel?  I never would have expected it.  The original art house movie did okay here but I was pretty sure that these characters had been pretty fully explored.

    Well, I suppose it’s better than rebooting the brand.  I half expect to start getting a new Spiderman movie every summer the way things are going.

  2. Jack Everitt says:

    Didn’t I just read that these kind of paychecks aren’t real? That such stars sign a second, secret contract where they get only 10% of what they’re supposed to get.

  3. technobach says:

    The Avengers was low budget?!?!?

    • Michael Robinson says:


    • mccrum says:

      And a humble sleeper hit.

      Sarcasm sometimes shows itself by context.

    • Ryan_T_H says:

       In a twisted kind of way, it was. The reported budget for the Avengers was $220m. Lots right? But they had a cast of 5 top A/B-list actors, any one of which regularly stars in their own productions. A large secondary cast and a massive amount of visual effects.

      To contrast the new Spider-Man, with a much smaller and lower visibility cast is $230m. The last MIB film was $215. The last Pirates film was $300m

  4. Spinkter says:

    You know, I was hoping that a new editor would mean more news about new, interesting, obscure media projects.   Like the new iamamiwhoami CD/DVD ‘kin’, which is fantastic.


    That’s nice.  I met her when she was in town filming The Island and she was very kind to me.  People who are pleasant to strangers when they don’t have to be should thrive.   I was glad to see that Black Widow was more than a generic hot ass-kicking girl character in the film.  Still not a whole lot for an actor to work with but it was better than the typical female subsidiary hero role.

  6. corydodt says:

    I went into that film expecting her to be nothing but ass-kicking cheesecake, but she has a numbers of scenes in the Avengers where they actually ask her to act, and she does it very well. My favorites were her deceptive interview with Loki, and a rather subtle scene where she has a near-miss with angry Hulk and sits quivering on the ground, and then picks herself up. That one didn’t have any dialog, but it really developed her character as a human being.

    • Ryan_T_H says:

       She really made the most out of each scene. I’d add the opening scene between her and Bruce Banner. Great tension and subtle reactions.

      She’s playing the action star/eye candy a lot these days so it’s easy to forget that she has held down roles like Ghost World with great skill in the past. I would be completely unsurprised if she is still a well known actor forty years from now.

  7. Pam Inglesby says:

    How much is Whedon getting?

    • Ryan Holmes says:

      I dont think he’s signed on for a sequel yet. Knowing Marvel though, they’ll fast track something into production with a different director, thereby changing all the chemistry that made the first one so good.

  8. Jason Carl says:

    Worth every penny.

  9. bcsizemo says:

    Honestly $400k for her scenes in Iron Man 2 isn’t that bad.  She wasn’t exactly a key star in the film, more like an introduction to the character.

    And the thing about Robert Downey Jr., well he practically is Tony Stark (minus the zillionare part).  I’m not sure you could have found many other actors that would have fit the role that well.

    • Brock Cusick says:

      I would say that Robert Downey Jr.’s similarities to Tony Stark include the zillionaire part (well, really rich at any rate). It’s the super-genius technology maven he’s not.

  10. W. James Au says:

    “The Tourist, which was a colossal flop”
    Actually, *The Tourist* grossed $278 million theatrically from a $100 million reported budget, which probably means it recouped its expenses in theaters and made more than a decent profit in the ancillary markets (DVD, Netflix, cable, etc. etc.)

    • ocker3 says:

       Perhaps a different dialogue pattern in foreign movies made it a different film. I know I almost went to see it just for the stars. I only saw parts of it on TV. Apart from the super-star leads, it felt like a weak B-roll movie.

  11. sean says:

    She was the best thing- well, her scenes were- in a movie that I thought did not reach the hype or greatness level that was almost universally ascribed to it.

    • paulio says:

      I would agree, and I don’t even think she’s that great

      • wysinwyg says:

        I had to read to the end of comments, but someone finally has something less than glowingly positive to say about the worst part of Ghost World.

        I haven’t seen Johansson in much so I can’t make a blanket judgment.  But I can say she’s been at best ignorable in everything I have seen her in.  (Ignorable in terms of acting; she’s clearly a very nice looking young woman.)

  12. RayCornwall says:

    Obligatory “and the Kirby estate made bupkiss from any of these movies” comment.

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