Hip-hop sea-shanty

David Minnick is a genius. That is all.

A remix of the Snoop Dogg/Kid Cudi song "That Tree". The idea for this sort of remix was born when I became aware of the great similarities between the lyrical themes of rap and the lyrical themes of pirate music (Self-aggrandizement, the quest for money and treasure, romantic view of violence, sexism etc..) In spite of this "serious" description, this remix was really just a hilarious idea that I somehow managed to finish. Enjoy!

I Can't Forget the Sea (Snoop Dogg remix)


    1. Straight Outta Tortuga
      Fear of a Black Pirate
      Letter of Marque to Ill
      Sippin’ on Rum & Juice

  1. For added surreality, I had this playing while I watched the video of the counterfeit Disney characters below. As usual, the dancing seemed to magically sync with the music.

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