Hip-hop sea-shanty


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  1. brerrabbit23 says:

    Too… pac…?

  2. robdobbs says:

    I always though Tupée and Snoopy Dog where two different hippity-hoppers.

  3. Destin says:

    What shall this brilliant new genre be called? 

    May I suggest “Ship-hop?”

  4. Cyran0 says:

    Aye, this shall be a-playin’ on t’ computer come September t’ 19th, yar.

  5. ssiess says:

    Oh internet, is there anything you can’t mash up?

  6. pjcamp says:

    Please stop using that player. It has no volume control.

    Now back to the joke stream.

  7. grs says:

    Sounds like the Dropkick Murphys.

  8. Snuggles represent. 

  9. ccouvillion says:

    For added surreality, I had this playing while I watched the video of the counterfeit Disney characters below. As usual, the dancing seemed to magically sync with the music.

  10. Matthew Zimmermann says:

    No mention of Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew? ( http://www.myspace.com/captaindan ) They’ve been doing this for a few years and have a few albums under their belts!

  11. blah says:

    [comment removed]

  12. DevNall says:

    Minnick was also the winner of the recent Radiolab remix contest (podcast here), where they also played a clip of the Snoop Shanty.

  13. Koocheekoo says:

    Love this – thanks for posting. Gave me a nice kick start to this Tuesday morning. Yar!

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