Pee-Wee Herman dubs the Dark Knight Rises trailer, should dub the whole movie

Pee-Wee Herman took part in a bit on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in which he narrated the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Great, now this movie is going to be hilarious when it's definitely not supposed to be, and I'm just going to have to see it twice so I don't hear Pee-Wee Herman the second time. Also: John Cleese should also dub this trailer. (via Gawker)


  1. Nice. Really emphasizes how bad the dialogue is, and how good acting can transform bad dialogue into something passable.

    1.  Provocative, well-done dialogue would greatly distract from the CGI and explosions.  It’s supposed to be a blockbuster, not an art-house film, dammit.

      1. What I liked about the others in this series was that they tried to blend art house and blockbuster sensibilities, and were reasonably successful at it. Now, though, I’m wondering if the dialogue in the other films was just as bad and I’m just misremembering, having been distracted by the CGI and explosions :)

        1. Batman Begins had plenty of cheesy dialogue, especially near the end. The second movie seemed better in that regard.

        1. In the case of James Cameron movies, the dialogue is CGI.  With the Nolans, I’m not as certain.

  2. Does this mean it’s okay to like Pee-Wee Herman again? There was quite a few years there where he was scum of the earth.

    1. Pee-Wee Herman has always been cool, but Paul Reubens was definitely over-exposed for a while.


    2.  It was always okay to like Pee-Wee.
      Most great actors, artists and authors have a dark side, a place of pain that helps inspire them to reach for the light of beauty.
      He was just unlucky and careless enough to ‘expose’ his, so to speak, heh heh.

    3. I doubt he was ever regarded as “scum of the earth” by anyone who bothered to read the details of his arrests.

      1.  Butbutbut… he looked at pornography!  What kind of horrible human being would ever look at pornography?  Particularly, stars of seemingly kids’ TV shows, surely would never commit this heinous act?

    4. Does this mean it’s okay to like Pee-Wee Herman again?

      I never stopped in the first place.

    5. I saw his Pee-Wee’s Playhouse stage show in LA a few years ago (before it went to NY) and it was excellent; he’s maintained a fairly low profile the past few years but is really stepping it up now. The reputation he had was completely unfair but rather than lashing out to defend himself, he’s given it lots of time, working on small projects in the mean time until the general public doesn’t care anymore. That’s pretty classy for someone in his position, IMO.

      And speaking of classy… when I saw his stage show, he arranged with a fan who flew to LA with his girlfriend to see the show so that they could come on stage with him, and propose to his girlfriend literally inside Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. They apparently met or realized a connection because they both loved Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

        1. Heh… it was very sweet and he did work in some Pee-Wee references to his proposal but I don’t remember the details. 

          I think the secret word during the actual show was something like “if” ;)

    6.  Thank you for asking. We’ll tell you what you should think when we feel like it. Now go sit down, keep quiet, and wait for our next directive.

  3. Yeah, don’t worry, this movie was already destined for a lot of unintentional hilarity.

  4. Pee Wee should do the voices for EVERYBODY. Whenever the pope or some big shot says something weighty, let Pee Wee voice it. That would keep everyone in their place.

    1. Presidential debates PLEASE!
      Could be verbatim, or throw in the occasional “I know you are but what am I?”

      1. Could be verbatim, or throw in the occasional “I know you are but what am I?”

        Not clear if different.

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