Woodring iPhone case

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Twig Case Co. in Minnesota makes nice iPhone cases out of paper and bamboo, including this beautiful Jim Woodring model, called "Frank in the Tempest."

The founder of Twig Case, Jon Lucca, is an illustrator, too, and I really like his art on "The Bunker" bamboo case. I saw a little easter egg in it that made me smile! (Click thumbnail for enlargement.)Bam bunker

(UPDATE: use the code 'boingboing' and get 20% off anything until the end of the month.)


  1. Gaah! I love Woodring’s work, but it costs half as much as my iPhone did! I’d consider it even at $50 (even though I’ve rejected other cases at that price point), but can’t afford or justify it on my budget. Jeez, Jim! 

    1.  I wouldn’t blame Jim, but yeah! I was all prepared to spend six or eight times what my current case costs until I saw that it costs 20 times what my current case costs. I’ll pass.

    2. Your iPhone cost a lot more than that. Maybe you can arrange to have the case’s price folded into your phone bill over the course of two years…

  2. Jon from Twig here. It’s important to mention that all of our cases and packaging are made in Minnesota, in the good ol’ USA. 

    Our paper cases are the only iPhone (and probably only any phone) Forest Stewardship Council certified case, which means that the material comes from responsibly-managed forests. That includes our bamboo, which no other case company can say.

    They’re also really nice, sturdier than wood, and feel like a part of you rather than a part you put on your phone. I may be a touch biased. :) 

    Jim Woodring is great to work with, btw. Jim!

  3. …Because we want everyone in the world to have a Jim Woodring case, we’re doing 20% off for anything in the store until the end of the month. Use ‘boingboing’ as the discount code. 

  4. that would be the problem with carrier subsidized phones…if you actually paid the real price of the phone (without the contract) ala everyplace else in the world…I suspect there would be less kvetching about a really cool case because then it would be a much smaller fractional cost….:-)

  5. The price is high.  Of course, a good many Iphone users are the types to seek something out BECAUSE the price is high, so maybe the price is perfect.

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