FCC: SOPA is terrible (when Russia does it)

FCC chief Julius Genachowski has slammed the Russian government for considering a law that will make it possible to ban websites in the country for violating nebulous, poorly policed "illegal content" rules. Which is basically what SOPA proposed: "The world’s experience with the Internet provides a clear lesson: a free and open Internet promotes economic growth and freedom; restricting the free flow of information is bad for consumers, businesses, and societies." Preach it, brother! (Thanks, Ben!)

6 Responses to “FCC: SOPA is terrible (when Russia does it)”

  1. digi_owl says:

    But but but, it’s Russia! /s

  2. Andrew Singleton says:

    Bad idea to try claiming high ground when you’re standing on the edge of a cliff while tapdancing on marbles.

  3. Teirhan says:

    There appears to be a slight implication of hypocrisy in this post, but I’m not sure; did Genachowski voice support for SOPA? I genuinely have no idea. 

  4. These guys are a pack of idiot clowns its sad how obviously corrupted everything has become. 

    Doublespeak projection

  5. SedanChair says:

    QUESTION: So the next time Human Rights Watch comes out with a report that’s critical of Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians, I’ll assume that you’re going to be saying the same thing, correct; that you think that the report is credible, it’s based on eyewitness accounts?
    MS. NULAND: As –
    QUESTION: And you’re not going to say that it’s politically motivated and should be dismissed?
    MS. NULAND: Matt, as you have made clear again and again in this room, we are not always consistent.


  6. atimoshenko says:

    In Soviet Russia, the FCC isn’t a corporate lapdog.

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