Comic-Con opens in San Diego

Photo: Port of San Deigo (cc)

Yesterday was the official first day of San Diego Comic Con following Preview Night last night, and that means that stuff happened! The panels have commenced, the pictures are starting to surface, and here are some of those points of interest.

  • AMC's The Walking Dead booth gives everyone the Madame Tussad experience by letting attendees pose as one of Michonne's armless pet. They will most likely get to keep their arms, unless wax Michonne comes to life. Oh my god, I just pitched Night at the Convention!

  • Attention Browncoats: Go to The Mary Sue to find out when you'll be able to see the Firefly reunion panel on TV, because you know that 13 episodes and a movie was never enough.

  • There might not be any new movies rom the DC universe after The Dark Knight Rises and the new Superman come out, but the CW screened its new Green Arrow show -- entitled Arrow -- last night. G4 has a recap.

  • Bleeding Cool has reviews of three shows that are premiering this fall: The Following, 666 Park, and Cult. One of them (666 Park) has Terry O'Quinn in it, so it will probably be mysterious. Also, the whole "Number of the Beast" thing doesn't scream "ABC Family."

  • Ahead of the Adult Swim panels, the creators of The Venture Bros., Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, have discussed on Huffington Post how they've so successful incorporated LGBT characters into their show, saying that actually, they are also not women, nor former boy adventurers, nor necromancers, so writing a character with different sexuality is not actually that big of a deal. Hey, how about that? S.P.H.I.N.X.!

  • Remember that time Comic Con was about comic books and nothing else? There are still comic book things happening there, everyone! AV Club has a look at all the comics... that are being adapted into TV shows and movies. Okay, that was not what I was going for, but I'll take it. Among the planned adaptations: Joe Cornish adapting the graphic novel Rust and a TV series based on Zenescope's Alice in Wonderland graphic novels.

  • And, let's not forget that this is the very last Comic Con that will feature a Twilight panel. Until it's rebooted. The Hollywood Reporter summarizes the whole thing, which began with a moment for the fan who was killed outside of the convention and included a look at Stephanie Meyers' new movie (directed by Andrew Niccol) The Host.

  • But one of the cooler features was the panel for Sam Raimi's Oz the Great and Powerful, where the trailer was screened, and even though Bruce Campbell was missing from it, it looks pretty great. Fortunately for us, it has hit the web, so head on over to Cinema Blend to give it a watch.

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    1. I love the Video game, TV show Corporate convention! They finally got all those fuckers with those moldy old boxes of comics out of there. I really just can’t wait to pay a ton of money to desperately cram and debase myself for free crap that corporations dole out in questionable quantities. Man you know what would be the best, a fox sponsored Suicide Booth.

        1.  That looks cool, thanks!
          Really I just want the PAX model to be 100% applied to the comic con. PAX works because the focus is inexplicably on the gamers. Comic con’s focus is on the $

          1. Can’t comment on that. I visited it only once, back in 1992. Looked like a regular comic convention back then, only reeaaaaally big.

      1. Many complain about the lack of comics at Comic Con, but there are lots of other conventions with just that focus. I’m lucky to live near the Toronto Comics Art Festival with lots of great indie creators with lots of great and awesome books.

        However, last year I traveled to San Diego Comic Con for the first time and loved that it’s a hub of all things geeky. Of not only seeing Mike Mike Mignola, Jeff Smith, Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez, Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham & more, but also seeing Guillermo del Toro & Joss Whedon talk. Comic book creators might not get the big halls, but they are still there with a large number of panels and I think it’s just a great mix and craziness that really isn’t anywhere else.

      2.  >They finally got all those fuckers with those moldy old boxes of comics out of there.

        Then who did I give all that money to? I didn’t see you there, maybe that’s because you like hanging out by the Mattel booth, or maybe waiting in line for the 20th Century Fox or the ABC Family panel?

        tl;dr You’re an idiot.

    2. Oh my god, I just pitched Night at the Convention!

      Done already. Kevin David Anderson’s Night of the Living Trekkies and Mira Grant’s San Diego 2014: Last Stand of the California Browncoats have been my reading this week, because if I can’t be at SDCC, I’m going to read books about everyone who *is* there getting eaten by zombies.

    3. San Diego Comic Con uses Comic Sans for its signage?  Are they run by CERN now?

      (And before anyone jumps in to “correct” me here, I do indeed know Comic Sans was partly based on/inspired by the lettering of Dave Gibbons, as seen in Watchmen and many other excellent comics.)

      1. The font on the blue signs is not comic sans, though it is similar.  (You can see more clearly in a bigger version of the image by following the photo link.)   Anyone recognize the type?  Now I’m curious if it’s also based on a particular artist’s lettering.

    4. Firefly reunion panel on TV! Now if I could just get the Science Channel by Nov 11. Guess I’ll have to wait for the online post.

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