On-demand ice-cream trucks from Uber


10 Responses to “On-demand ice-cream trucks from Uber”

  1. This is a startup to watch, they do everything right. I use them all the time. 

  2. techdeviant says:

    There is massive rain and thunder going on in Seattle right now, but I’m still going to order ice cream anyway. Uber is an awesome service!


  3. Cowicide says:

    Come to Denver.  We like ice cream here, especially FroYo.

    • JProffitt71 says:

      Then if you want to swing on down south a little bit on the way out, we here in Colorado Springs would appreciate a nice cool treat after literally burning.

  4. Bizket Jones says:

    When they offer service in West Seattle, I will be all over this.

  5. Ben Tobin says:

    It was fun. I’ve never been able to summon an ice cream truck before.

  6. StCredZero says:

    I wonder if this could be done in city parks with bottles of water?

  7. So, this is what heaven must be like!

  8. just_a_user says:

    Only $12 for an ice cream cone.

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