One-stop shop

AGS, in Manistee, MI, has something for everyone -- whether you're shopping for a bong, a dildo or a frisbee.

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Kinda similar to The Gas Pipe in Texas (many locations).  I think they have a limited adult novelties selection.

    1.  Half the head shops in Texas sell adult novelties. None that I know of do disc golf, whatever that is.  And how can there be so many head shops? There are three within a few blocks of me.

      And of course, in Texas, they are most certainly “adult novelties” most places because of the “six dildoes” law. Six dildoes is a personal collection, seven is promotion of obscene devices.

      1.  The Gas Pipe did sell golf discs when I last visited one. I’ve always been intrigued, but I’ve never played or even seen it played.

  2. “whether you’re shopping for a bong, a dildo or a frisbee. ”

    Or something that can be used as all three!

  3. Reminds me of a shop I once saw in a town nearby where I grew up:  “Dave’s Computers and Brewing Supplies”.  Not sure about the name “Dave” to be honest, but the rest I could never forget.

  4. Many in the disc golf community has been trying to shake the druggie stereotype.

    Now  they have something new to contend with.

  5. We have a local place with big signs advertising cold beer, adult novelties, paddleboats, fishing bait, hardware, and party supplies.

  6. I’ve been here, even bought a decent bubbler. It’s in my home town–and used to be a really nice little mom-n-pop liquor store with a decent selection of booze and a hand-dipped ice cream counter… Now this place is there, and sells bath salts. Fuck that noise.

  7. Reminds me of The Photographer’s Guild storefront in St. Paul, MN.  They advertise “Weddings * Portraits * Commercial * Geo Political Consultation”.  Must work for them, because the sign’s unchanged since I first saw it a couple decades ago.

  8. If they also sell beer, hot dogs, and charcoal, it’s one stop shopping for the weekend…

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