Romney, the NAACP, and tactical booing

Everyone's seen the video of Mitt Romney being booed at an address to the NAACP where he promised to kill "Obamacare" (AKA Romneycare). But did he plan on being booed? "He’s not likely to receive many black votes in any case, and boos would allow him to look principled in the face of opposition and bolster his image with independents and conservatives"


  1. Of course! The point was to provide an example where “he’s willing to speak the hard truths” (or thoughts to that effect).

    1. No, the strategy is completely different. Mitt Romney didn’t give a speech to the NAACP just to get booed. What’s worse everyone (even Republicans and conservatives) are focused on 90 seconds of a 24 minute speech.

      If you can make it through the whole speech (not an easy task, Romney isn’t a rousing speaker) Romney was booed but he was also repeatedly interrupted by cheering and got a standing ovation from a audience of people who should be his political enemies.

      Romney’s strategy was to show the difference between himself and Barak Obama. White House officials said Obama couldn’t make it to the convention because he had “scheduling conflicts” and instead sent Joe Biden and a recorded message from Obama to the NAACP. Here’s Obama’s list of official meetings for that day, I’ll let the reader decide if he couldn’t have made time for one of America’s most important civil rights groups: Romney on the other hand, had the bravery to go to his political opponents, give them a speech were he didn’t try to hide or sugar coat his positions and reminded them that his father was a white guy fighting for civil rights in the 1960s. To put this into perspective during the same period even the good guys like John F. Kennedy had Martin Luther King Jr.’s phone tapped and the bad guys like Sen Robert Byrd and Gov. George Wallace were actively fighting the progress of civil rights.

      1. Regarding your link to Obama’s schedule… on that day and the following day he had very little on the public schedule, true. Two closed-door meetings that day and one the next. 

        However – if you browse the schedule and look at other days, on a normal day there is a whole lot going on. There are not regularly days like that – either he’s got a full day, or he has the day off. 

        Either those three meetings were really, really important, or he had other meetings or something else to do that are not being reported (which perhaps hints at their potential importance). 

        Besides… in what world are significant numbers of people from the NAACP going to vote for Romney anyway? Obama didn’t need to show up.

  2. I know we’re not supposed to interpret Romney as having normal human responses, but no matter what the ulterior-theorists say he looks taken aback to be receiving (such a) booing.   yes yes… “acting!”

  3. Hehehe… and it appears to be working.  Conservatives are energized and liberals pissed.  Excellent!

  4. Well, I’ve seen one of his supporters refer to the people attending that conference as ‘looters and moochers’ so perhaps he was…

    1. don’t over-estimate the intelligence of the majority of Americans…

      actually, it may not be intelligence so much as laziness. It is easier to get your soundbites on TV or radio rather than researching the truth yourself.

      and don’t think some “liberals” don’t do the same…

    2.  I, for one, am taking him seriously. He’s stated that what might be right for one particular state would not work nationwide. That was the vision of the founders, after all…that the states be “laboratories” for different ways of doing things.  The Massachusetts experiment *sorta* works, I guess, and it’s what the peeps of MA wanted… so let ’em have it.  That doesn’t mean I want nationalized health care in my state…I don’t.  I want no part of it.  So the promise to repeal Obamacare does resonate with me, you bet.

        1.  I don’t care where it came from…had it come from Jesus Christ himself (or the Flying Spaghetti Monster), I still wouldn’t want anything to do with it.

          1. That’s fine, but it clearly shows that Mitt, Heritage and a lot of the right wing is bullshitting you when they pretend it wasn’t exactly what they wanted at a time, and that the national mandate wasn’t their very own idea. It  also show’s that they’re generally full of shit.

      1. is it that you don’t want nationalized health care, or you don’t want the Affordable Care Act?

        Also, if you have health care through an employer, are you really part of a “nationalized health care”?

        1.  Being somewhere between a Libertarian and an Anarchist, I’d just like to see government out of it entirely, let patients, providers, and market forces dictate what happens. Health care didn’t start getting screwed up in this country until the government started meddling in it, and now the same agency that f*#ked it up wants to “fix” it.  Yeah, right, that’s rational!

          1. fair enough… I wasn’t asking to be a jerk, I just wanted to understand where you were coming from in your distaste for the act.

          2.  Market forces don’t work for health care, it’s not a simple consumer good that you can shop for at your leisure.

            Health care didn’t start getting screwed up in this country until the government started meddling in it,

            How so, and when?

          3. Your comment is disjunct with history.   Go learn what “health care” was like before there was easily available coverage.  And quit referring to “the government” as though it were a single entity.  It’s big and complex.   And, if you’re so set on “market forces,”  how about we get rid of standards for tools,  automobile safety, food processing, and aircraft inspections?  

    1.  Crawl into the contorted Machiavellian mind of a GOP strategist and you will see the webs of deceit and perversion all around you. I’ve met a few and studied others. It’s a dank horrible place. Karl Rove’s spawn are all around Washington.

    2. Not when the people booing are black and your party is full of racist voters.

      Romney was being “tough”!

    3.  These people have no concept of logic, and are well versed in spin. The supreme court’s upholding the ACA is seen as energizing conservatives. They don’t see it as failure. Every failure they have is just supposed to feed into their bullshit mentality and get them what they want the next time.

  5. Well, I do think making clear exactly where you stand is an acceptable political tactic.

  6. “He’s not likely to receive many black votes in any case, and boos would allow him to look principled in the face of opposition and bolster his image with [–independents–and–conservatives–] racists”

  7. I buy it – a portion of snotty white republicans will get so cross about black people booing their champion.

    Expecting honesty and reality from a politician is like expecting a hungry tiger not to attack you.  They want that power so much it huuuuurts.

  8. Like an idiot, he used that “excuse”.  But that, of course, backfired in a big mittens way because then it seemed like he was ad-mitt-ing that he was pissing off black people to help rouse his white, bigot, conservative base.

    Mitt is sounding dumber and dumber as he goes, but that only makes me worry that he’s more and more likely to win.  The corporatists desperately want a big dummy in office that they can push around.

    Obama certainly accepts being pushed around, but he fights back just enough to be a slight danger to the status quo.

    On the other hand, Romney will get down on the ground, lie down and roll over like a dog on command… AND be tongue-flappingly, tail-waggingly eager for his next command.

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