The web's best Breaking Bad memes (Season 5 starts this Sunday, w00t!)


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  1. Jake0748 says:

    Nice picture!!  :D   <3

  2. Petzl says:

    [Br][B] ended on such a note of finality, it will be interesting to see where Vince Gilligan takes it next.

  3. yoshua says:

    Well, I’m about five episodes into season one, and none of these memes make sense! Must watch more breaking bad…

  4. EH says:

    Disregard Marie is the best!

  5. Stefan Jones says:

    It has been deeply strange seeing the actor who played Uncle Hector appear in other roles (where he talks . . and walks) after his, ah, sudden exit. 

    @xeni, mind you that AMC is only showing EIGHT EPISODES next summer. So you’ve got something to make positron bombardment tolerable!

  6. Okay, I have been a Xeni critic in the past but this is awesome. I think I like her much better now. Supervillainess-scary kinda flatters her. :D

  7. I missed the point at which “meme” moved from being a word coined by an evolutionary biologist to help describe the movement of concepts and ideas through a culture to being (more or less) an exclusive reference to Internet pictures with funny/ironic captions. Not sure how that happened, or how “tropes” seemingly became synonymous (for many) with “cliches.”

  8. thatbob says:

    Oh no, not the dread Listicular cancer!Speedy revocery!

  9. YourOldBuddy says:

    I used to think Breaking Bad was the best series ever, but was finally browbeat into watching The Wire. It is better. Speedy recovery. 

  10. djcarlito says:

    your sense of humor gives you an incredible advantage Xeni.. stay strong and don’t put up with no funny bizness 

  11. yarnivore says:

    If you crochet, you can make Walt and Jesse amigurumi, from the pattern by Allison Hoffman!

  12. Didn’t know you were sick. All the best. Get through it!

  13. jujube says:

    You’re awesome & that bell is a great touch. Hope you recover quickly!

  14. elix says:

    I’m not a BrBa fan, but if that getup helps kick cancer’s ass, you wear that shit whenever you want, Xeni. :D

  15. Halloween_Jack says:

    Oh Xeni, that picture made me laugh so hard I ended up doing the Eddie Murphy laugh that I do when I’m completely out of control with the lulz and don’t care how it sounds. If you can get your hands on a yellow hazmat suit, you gotta do an “All Hail The Queen” shot, pretty plz. 

    • Halloween_Jack says:

       Did it again after reading the memes post on BuzzFeed. The “Hal from Malcolm in the Middle:Walter::Stevie from MITM:Gus” one is especially side-splitting.

  16. AwesomeRobot says:

    Those eyebrows… 

  17. Derek Anderson says:

    For some of the chemo drugs, EVERYBODY gets that face. Fucking Dacarbazine. 

    /me remembers making that face  too.

  18. Kevin Redman says:

    You have the facial expression down.
    I LOL’ed.

  19. Lodewijk Gonggrijp says:

    Xeni, you’re hilarious ! :P

  20. Xeni — your article was the inspiration for me to make another BB meme.  Enjoy!

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