The web's best Breaking Bad memes (Season 5 starts this Sunday, w00t!)

I'm not a fan of listicles, but I'll stoop to link to this one on Buzzfeed because it is highly relevant to my interests: the 27 best "Breaking Bad" memes.

A few months back when I was in chemo, we made a few of our own. The oncology nurses loved my Héctor “Tio” Salamanca impression, above. Or, maybe I just thought so when I was hopped up on all that Benadryl. The bell is for real, btw, not a prop: nurses place that near each chemotherapy infusion station in case a patient has an emergency and cannot verbalize an emergency call for help.

I re-watched season one, two, three, and four, in bed on my iPad during recovery from chemo and surgery.

I was only half joking when I tweeted that the anticipation of Season 5 is what kept me going through this difficult time. I CAN NOT WAIT for Sunday.

(thanks, @sfslim!)


  1. [Br][B] ended on such a note of finality, it will be interesting to see where Vince Gilligan takes it next.

  2. Well, I’m about five episodes into season one, and none of these memes make sense! Must watch more breaking bad…

  3. It has been deeply strange seeing the actor who played Uncle Hector appear in other roles (where he talks . . and walks) after his, ah, sudden exit. 

    @xeni, mind you that AMC is only showing EIGHT EPISODES next summer. So you’ve got something to make positron bombardment tolerable!

  4. I missed the point at which “meme” moved from being a word coined by an evolutionary biologist to help describe the movement of concepts and ideas through a culture to being (more or less) an exclusive reference to Internet pictures with funny/ironic captions. Not sure how that happened, or how “tropes” seemingly became synonymous (for many) with “cliches.”

    1. Cranky word-usage maven is cranky.

      Because the previous term of record was “image macro,” and that’s a crappy term.

    2.  Your English language, it evolves and changes meanings of words without your permission or approval. Yee-heekers!

    3. Why learn the proper word, when you can just make it up as you go?  

      Sling that slang.

    4. Your confusion is an reflection of the difference between descriptive and prescriptive linguistics.

    5. Richard Dawkins coined it first in “The selfish gene”, by the end he explains how  ideas and concepts, memes, seem to survive and propagate in a similar way to genetic material.

  5. I used to think Breaking Bad was the best series ever, but was finally browbeat into watching The Wire. It is better. Speedy recovery. 

  6. your sense of humor gives you an incredible advantage Xeni.. stay strong and don’t put up with no funny bizness 

  7. I’m not a BrBa fan, but if that getup helps kick cancer’s ass, you wear that shit whenever you want, Xeni. :D

  8. Oh Xeni, that picture made me laugh so hard I ended up doing the Eddie Murphy laugh that I do when I’m completely out of control with the lulz and don’t care how it sounds. If you can get your hands on a yellow hazmat suit, you gotta do an “All Hail The Queen” shot, pretty plz. 

    1.  Did it again after reading the memes post on BuzzFeed. The “Hal from Malcolm in the Middle:Walter::Stevie from MITM:Gus” one is especially side-splitting.

  9. For some of the chemo drugs, EVERYBODY gets that face. Fucking Dacarbazine. 

    /me remembers making that face  too.

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