Fantagraphics will publish comics in digital format


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  1. bazzargh says:

    This might be a good time to ask, anyone know when DC/Wildstorm’s exclusive with Kindle Fire ends? There is stuff (like the trades of Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Authority) that they licensed to Amazon for the Kindle Fire store only…which is US only. And I dont have or reside that thing or in that place.

    It’s like the want the rest of the world to torrent.

  2. Bill Beaty says:

    Wondermark points out the comics future:

  3. Georgetown.   Cool district,  packed with clubs.

  4. I wanna do that! (memo to self: learn to draw)

  5. wizardru says:

    DC’s exclusivity is partly over.  On the Nook Tablet, I can download Planetary right now.  I don’t see Transmet or the Authority, though I do see Fables.  I just purchased Unwritten volumes 1 and 2 a week ago (but sadly, don’t see volumes 3-5).

  6. greenberger says:

    I know I’m in the ever-dwindling-minority here, but I have no interest in looking at Jamie Hernandez’ beautiful artwork via a lit-up screen forcing me to scroll and zoom around his masterfully-balanced page while appreciating how all those square pixels come together to give the appearance of a fluid, hand-drawn curve as only Jamie can do.

    On the plus side, in 30 years, when everyone is starving to hold something physical in their hands again, my collection of comics and albums will pay my bills the way social security won’t be doing.

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