Creative Commons music contest: Freedom & Free Beer


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  1. LetMe Run says:

    Remember, Free Beer (NC) limit the spread of your works into opensource projects. Debian can’t distribute your game if it is licensed NC. I suspect ND is ok.

  2. Amelia_G says:

    Thank you! I would love to find out about good new German museek. So far, all I know is die Ärzte (the doctors, because your mom wanted you to become a doctor) who call themselves the best band in the world and have been evolving for 30+ years, bestens, and the late-1990′s die Schroeders, who apparently sang good Happe Kerkele songs about stuff like drinking and screwing (Saufen, Saufen, Saufen, Saufen, Saufen, Fressen und …) and a recent marketing duo who sang well about the Financial Polka (Finanzpolka).
    Max Raabe is exquisite and Götz Alsmann had the stuff.
    Nina Hagen can be *delightful* but she doesn’t believe in the HIV virus.

    • Define “good new German music” please. As far as I know the Beatsteaks have gained a little popularity across the boarders, but since you mentioned Die Ärzte and Nina Hagen, I thought I should mention Einstürzende Neubauten (collapsing new buildings), the group has also been around since the early 80s and continues to experiment both musically and on the field of alternative relasing tactics.

      GEMA is one bitchy company nowadays, their plans to rise the scales for nightclubs and venues in 2013 has started quite an uproar, not only among nightclubowners and event organizers.

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