Karl "Bones" Urban promises Star Trek 2 footage, shows us something else

Karl Urban, who plays Leonard McCoy in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movies, promised Comic Con attendees that he'd show them new footage from the set of the wrapped sequel. But first: surfing. And a Judge Dredd teaser poster. Sorry, Cumberbitches. No Urban-spoilers today. (via Geeks of Doom)


  1. Said it before & will say it again: Do they even talk about comics at comic-con anymore?

      1. That’s not strange. A strange thing to keep saying is “I’ve got nothing to say about iguanas wearing socks.”

        1. i’m all alone. it’s dark. and there’s a snake, wearing a vest, rolling a doughnut…..

  2. Oh come on now.  This might be raw footage.  Remember the beginning of Star Trek 5 Kirk is rock climbing…perhaps McCoy is er surfing.

    And what’s wrong with Judge Dredd?  Next thing you’ll be telling me Demolition Man wasn’t awesome.

  3. What does he mean, by “Star Trek 2”?  That came out in 1982, and he was only ten, he couldn’t have starred in it or in the previous movie, which came out when he was seven…

        1. You’re just trolling and denying the existence of the Star Trek reboot film, right? I wasn’t aware that was a thing.

  4. The missing footage shows the death of Spock, who will return for the third film if and only if Mr Zachary Quinto gets to direct the damn thing.

    1. Kaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhn! 

      Or not.  It’s difficult to imagine Chris Pine shouting the above.

      1. One of the best parts of new star trek is getting away from TOS. It is nice to riff but not to remake.

        1. I’m not saying I don’t like the latest Star Trek.  I like the more overtly humorous take.  I’m still aprehensive about this alternate universe, though, and I’m still upset with Mr. Scott for making Porthos disapear.  Not cool.

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