Photo of Mount Rainier's snow monster!


23 Responses to “Photo of Mount Rainier's snow monster!”

  1. Steve Collins says:

    What am I supposed to be seeing here? I even checked out the detail provided at the link. I still only get ice and snow, and deep longing. Edit: Is it vaguely face-y? OK, I guess.

    • Max says:

      This is one of those “Jesus Toast” things where people who want to see patterns in stuff can see an image of a yeti. Check out the other links about pareidolia.

  2. jonw says:

    what is it? 

  3. Shibi_SF says:

    Oh.  So, THATS what a snow monster looks like??  LOL snow monster, LOL.

  4. Rich Keller says:

    Glaciespithecus pareidoliensis?

  5. info says:

    Yay me! I just can’t see any para-thing there. Does this mean that I don’t exist?

  6. It took a while, but I finally saw it. Quite detailed when you know where/how to look!

    Bit like a magic eye.

  7. Petzl says:

    It’s like seeing Jesus, only more snow monster-ier.

  8. CognitiveDissident says:

    Monster made of snow?
    Frosty’s absentee father!

  9. Viktor says:

    I just see a vase…

  10. Boundegar says:

    Aha.  I had to click through to the zoomed-in version.  Even then, I did not actually roll on the floor laughing.  It’s just an expression.

  11. theflusheddotcom says:

    Oh come on. Huff Post did this too. Lame! Maybe it was just a snow bear like this using the bathroom:

  12. snagglepuss says:

    Poor li’l fella. He looks cold.

  13. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    It looks like bunny rabbits to me.  Although everything looks like bunny rabbits to me.  We are up to our asses in bunny rabbits.  I really have to buy more condoms!

  14. Culturedropout says:

    It popped out at me immediately.  Whenever I’m faced with something like a sponge-painted wall, or something made of wood with the grain visible, I almost immediately start seeing people, faces, animals, demons, eyes, and so on.  In my parents house all the doors were made of bookmatched wood, producing lots of approximately symmetrical “faces”.  To me they always looked like spirits or demons.  Does that make me weird, guys?  Guys…?  Where’d everybody go?

  15. Ben Burger says:

    Actually ice monster, I was looking at the snow for a while.

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