Photo of Mount Rainier's snow monster!

 Files 2012 07 Snow-Monster

Caught on camera! The horrific snow monster of Mount Rainier Creek! Photo by Gisela Taranovski via National Geographic.


  1. What am I supposed to be seeing here? I even checked out the detail provided at the link. I still only get ice and snow, and deep longing. Edit: Is it vaguely face-y? OK, I guess.

    1. This is one of those “Jesus Toast” things where people who want to see patterns in stuff can see an image of a yeti. Check out the other links about pareidolia.

  2. Aha.  I had to click through to the zoomed-in version.  Even then, I did not actually roll on the floor laughing.  It’s just an expression.

  3. It looks like bunny rabbits to me.  Although everything looks like bunny rabbits to me.  We are up to our asses in bunny rabbits.  I really have to buy more condoms!

  4. It popped out at me immediately.  Whenever I’m faced with something like a sponge-painted wall, or something made of wood with the grain visible, I almost immediately start seeing people, faces, animals, demons, eyes, and so on.  In my parents house all the doors were made of bookmatched wood, producing lots of approximately symmetrical “faces”.  To me they always looked like spirits or demons.  Does that make me weird, guys?  Guys…?  Where’d everybody go?

    1. In the bathroom in my parents’ house, the grain in the wood door looks distinctly like an enormous, nasty-looking knife, and you face it directly when seated on the toilet. I think I subconsciously trained myself not to look at it when I was a kid. I noticed it again when using that bathroom last year and realized that I hadn’t noticed it in years and years.

      I mean, a face would have been worse, but I guess I must have thought the knife was pretty scary when I was a kid ;)

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