New Sleeping Beauty will turn the title character into a stalker


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  1. chellberty says:

    It’s obligatory themesong.

  2. SedanChair says:

    And she fights a giant spider in the third act.

  3. nvlady says:

    Kissing a seeping person creepy, sure, but did you know in some early versions of the Sleeping Beauty tale, she woke up pregnant…?

    Disney’s version isn’t the real version by any stretch of imagination.
    As for using the fairly tale (sleeping beauty, not Disney’s Sleeping Beauty) that’s just lame. Just make all of these characters different characters and say stuff happened that was *like* sleeping beauty. 

    That would make me feel much better.

    • Jerril says:

      The two versions that claim to be the “original” that I’m familiar with are:

      It’s not exactly true loves first “kiss” that wakes her up, so much as “true loves first awkward sexual encounter with a narcoleptic”, which is a very long way of saying “rape”


      The pains of giving birth wake her, or even having finished giving birth, the sound of the infant crying or the feel of the infant struggling for her breast.

      For which I was given no evidence at all, and would have to do research before claiming either is really older than Grimm. Something interesting to do with my evening I suppose.

      • Lauren Seals says:

        Honestly, the one I’m most familiar with as the “original”, it’s not even childbirth that wakes her. She has twins and one of them suckles her finger lookin’ to suckle somewhere else and pulls out a piece of flax or hay from under her nail which apparently was the reason she fell asleep in the first place.

        • blueelm says:

          This is the one I’m more familiar with. It also ends with the king’s wife (yes, he was married already) being fed her own murdered children.

          If you’re going to remake it, remake this version. I mean… it’s interesting.

        • Missy Pants says:

          This is the version I grew up with.

          While we’re at it, can we address Snow White & Rose Red?It always bothered me that they just did away with her sister wholesale!

      • nvlady says:

        Im sure there cant be an ‘original’ original, since most cultures have versions of the same tales before they were all written down, but I guess that’s why I love fairy tales so much, they are ridiculously  violent, sexiest, unfair and cruel. And old!

      • Ashley Yakeley says:

         Looks like this is the one:,_Moon,_and_Talia

    • TWX says:

       Perhaps this retelling is more honest as an allegory to modern loss of innocence…  Somewhat experienced boy meets virginal girl and ‘cures’ her of that.  To him it’s just another sexual experience, but to her it’s the world and she feels something that he does not and doesn’t understand his position…

      • malindrome says:

        Paging Anne Rice …

      • Missy Pants says:

        You mean allegory to horrible forced middle ages sex? 
        Where’s the giant thorny rose bush that grew up around the castle in 100 years and was only PENETRABLE by the prince with the MAGIC SWORD?

        Disney left those parts out eh?

        Don’t even get me started on the Frog Prince!

        • TWX says:

           Honestly it’s been probably twenty-plus years since I’ve seen the Disney version of the story, and I never saw The Princess And The Frog as the story didn’t appeal.

          I guess the flipside was the situation with the female lead in Kill Bill, where she’s in the coma at the beginning…

        • pKp says:

          IIRC, the whole “impenetrable thorny bush” (snigger) thing was actually retained in the Disney version.

    • Quiche de Resistance says:

      There’s a nice bit of Sleeping Beauty (Booty?) in Dan Simmons’ Olympos.  A male character must awaken a hundreds of years sleeping beauty by, um, putting his chocolate in her peanut butter.

  4. edgore says:

    Maybe he’s her one true love, but she’s not his? Ever think of that? Happens all the time.

  5. sam1148 says:

    Neil Gaiman’s “Snow Glass Apples” is a great take on Snow White.
    The Audio Version was at one time for free on “Seeing Ear Theater”.,_Glass,_Apples

  6. Stooge says:

    It seems churlish to criticise the new film for using the name ‘Sleeping Beauty’ when the Disney version would have been more accurately titled ‘Stepford Necrophile Re-Animator II’.

  7. Nagurski says:

    This would really set a terrible precedent for Hollywood by being unfaithful to the original story,  and introducing logical inconsistency into fairy tales.  It must never happen.

    • Set a precedent? ;) I think you mean “Slightly raise the precedent”. I remember an absolutely horrible Hollywood Live-Action adaption of a Japanese Manga/Anime.
      Hollywood already has terrible precedents with adaptions.

  8. Gtmac says:

    Will It (culturally) Blend?

  9. kmoser says:

    This BoingBoing website is not the same as the similarly-named Boing Boing zine. Perhaps the website should be called something else? (No, I’m not serious.)

    • Chentzilla says:

      >This BoingBoing website is not the same as the similarly-named Boing Boing zine.

      …since this girl and her penis jokes appeared here. What is she trying, to beat Maggie’s four-pronged echidna dick?

  10. Daemonworks says:

    What part of “strange man walks up to sleeping-in-magical-castle-girl and kisses her” involves ‘true love’? Her quasi-necrophilia aside, the only way it would be love for her (of any sort), at the moment she is kissed is if the spell that put her to sleep actually enforces the love on her part. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof. This isn’t much of a stretch at all.

    Also, and far more importantly… there’s more than one ‘traditional’ version of the story. Actually, there’s a lot of them, but as you seem to be borrowing the Disney version (as most people do), I’ll point out that Disney bases their fairy tales on the Perrault, who himself copied the tale largely from Basile, in which the lead character (named Talia in that verison) actually gets raped…

    (Technically, Disney may have actually borrowed from Grimm on this one as they end in the same place. That said, the Grimm version is widely recognized to be itself derrived from Perrault)

  11. Gyrofrog says:

    Well I, for one, am glad that We (the collective we) have found something better to do with tens of millions of dollars.

  12. comersuerte says:

    I think it might make for a good dark romantic comedy actually.  The prince is drawn to kiss this sleeping beauty (he realizes it’s creepy as hell what he’s doing) and runs when she wakes up rather than stick around.  She then stalks him knowing he’s really her true love. Misunderstandings occur… they finally get together. It follows the romcom rules perfectly and taking a borrowed titled from the past but setting it in modern day…. is fine by me.

  13. rachel612 says:

    This is one of the best things Boing Boing has ever posted. 

  14. Crashproof says:

    Creeping Beauty, obviously.

  15. YamaraTheGod says:

    If I’d known you weren’t in a coma, I’d have never laid a hand on you!

  16. penguinchris says:

    I’m not sure we’re supposed to understand all of the free-association stylings here but I really can’t figure out the dig against people who are aware of the excellent Bogart film noir The Big Sleep (based on a Chandler novel). I guess it’s supposed to be a joke, but…?

  17. Red Tash says:

    So sick of Sleeping Beauty.  Ready for an ass-kicking version, and thinking of writing it, myself.

  18. Quiche de Resistance says:

    Not approving this kind of thing (obvious sexual assault fetish, just without the violence) but there’s a thing for this kind of thing, if one cares to google “sleep creep.”  (them ladies are some heavy sleepers.)

    I hate to admit this, but I can kind of understand the appeal, if only cause my wife, when she actually says yes at all usually says “fine go ahead, but I’m going to sleep.”  :(

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